2019, the new foods that will set a trend

2019, the new foods that will set a trend

What awaits us in 2019? Here are the new foods that will invade the Italian market, and that mark the dietary trends of the year. That is: paleo, pegan and keto .

These are the diets we will hear about again starting from 2019.
And the new foods that we will soon find on Amazon or in other Italian sales sites, are inspired by these dietary protocols.
Ready to amaze you? Let’s see them together


  1. Moringa powder.
    Powdered moringa will undermine the powdered matcha. Energetic and rich in antioxidants, moringa powder will be the protagonist of smoothies, bars, but also to make a green cappuccino, which we can obtain by mixing half a teaspoon of moringa powder with skimmed milk or oats, adding a pinch of stevia for a drink full of benefits to start the day with. But also a cappuccino with chaga or shiitake mushroom powder, the so-called “Mushroom Latte”.
  2. Resistant probiotics.
    The products based on Bacillus Coagulans GBI-30 or MTCC 5856 are also arriving on the Italian market. What is special about these probiotics compared to the others? A high survival capacity which makes them less delicate in conservation, and which allows them to survive even at room temperature. They are indicated against swelling of the belly.
    Here, for example , are Depura Vita’s dietetic chocolates with Bacillus Coagulans , or ground flax seeds with Bacillus Coagulans and Vitamin D to be taken at breakfast, in our muesli.
  3. Mct.
    The oil based on medium-chain saturated fatty acids, especially extracted from coconut oil, is suitable for Paleo and Keto diets. In fact, it promotes the mobilization of fats and is therefore a “metabolic” oil that enhances weight loss. It is found not only as an oil for the preparation of dishes, but also in powder, vanilla flavor , or in cosmetics.
  4. The vegan Jerky. 
    I think you will have in mind the Beef Jerky, dried and flavored meat with a high protein content, excellent as a savory snack, low in calories. But today also comes the vegan Jerky , same flavor, but 100% vegan. Ideal for low carb and vegan keto diets and pegan diets, it is made from soy or seitan.
  5. Orange wine. 
    That’s exactly how it is called, Orange Wine , and it is a one hundred percent wine, but with an amber color, which although similar to a white wine because it is obtained from the same grape, involves macerating the skins together with the seeds, which therefore give a nuance brandy to the product. Wine bars and clubs cannot fail to have it.
  6. CBD oil.
    We’ve all been using hemp for a few years now, right? Especially since CBD oil has invaded the market, with products ranging from essential oils, to cosmetics, to books, to e-cigarette liquids. This in Italy. In America, CBD oil is also used in food products: from fruit jellies, to Satori chocolate and a spreadable butter which in the list of ingredients speaks of something “secret”. 
    After hemp products, food products with only CBD oil will also become a trend in Italy.
  7. The tahini. 
    You may have already noticed that for some years sesame has been reliving a golden age, in particular for sesame or tahini butter. Which is undermining almond butter and is also the protagonist of desserts such as cocoa and tahini cream, or more exclusive products such as black sesame tahini . Savory tahini-flavored snacks and the like are also on the way.
  8. Watermelons… rainbow.
    Even here, if we had an eye, we will have noticed in some supermarkets for a year or two the appearance of particular watermelons: small, very small, with darker pulp, etc. But the world of watermelons is getting decidedly colorful. Green, purple, yellow, orange, white watermelon is also arriving in Italy . The trend of tropical fruits is unstoppable. And for those who want to taste something new, here is the watermelon seed butter .
  9. From Africa to the East.
    African spices have conquered the Americas, and will soon invade Europe with their strong and original flavors, in particular, it will be easier to find the famous Za’atar blend even in supermarkets, or Berberè.
  10. Something is moving.
    Insects in the diet. I had already talked about it in this article, then I got distracted and in the meantime the market went on. Today it is easier to find snacks and other delicatessens, let’s say, based on insects, such as the Apero line (for an unusual aperitif) or the Sens protein bars .

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