200 non-fattening foods to eat your fill

200 non-fattening foods to eat your fill

200 foods that do not make you fat and that can be eaten to your fill: there are 200 according to the new Weight Watchers plan, which has associated a score of 0 with these foods.

What does it mean? It means that according to the nutritionists of the famous Weight Watchers method, a method that assigns points to each food to lose weight, teaching to limit foods that have a high score, these 200 foods are free in consumption , they should not be weighed or dosed in the amount.

This is because, explained the nutritionists presenting the list, they are all foods that do not make you fat. If our diet consisted of these foods, we would lose weight without having to pay attention to portions or calories .

Dcomedieta presents them in preview in Italy, here they are, reducing them to more than 20 proposals.


According to Weight Watchers, these foods should not be weighed, but eaten freely to satiety.

  1. Fruits and vegetables (no tubers), including frozen ones, as long as without added seasonings
  2. Lean and defatted chicken breast
  3. Egg whites
  4. Fresh peas, canned legumes as long as no other added ingredients (sauces, etc.)
  5. Fresh fish, fish preserved as long as without oil, and frozen
  6. Crustaceans
  7. Algae
  8. Preserved sauerkraut
  9. Sashimi (therefore raw fish)
  10. Sprouts
  11. Zero-fat dressing sauces: vinegar, lemon juice, ketchup, mustard, fresh tomato sauce
  12. Natural tofu or soft tofu
  13. Lean, breast, defatted and skinless turkey
  14. Celeriac
  15. Skimmed White Greek Yogurt
  16. Quark or natural skim white skir
  17. Natural soy yogurt
  18. Fruit preserved in its own juice, in cans, with no added sugar or fat
  19. Sweet corn or corn cobs
  20. Citrus fruits
  21. Squid
  22. Apple compote with no added sugar Fresh tapioca
  23. Peeled tomato, simple fat-free tomato sauce, puree
  24. Fresh ginger, herbs, garlic and onion, dry spices, fresh or dried aromatic herbs
  25. Pickles
  26. Caviar and lumpfish roe
  27. Skimmed milk
  28. Coconut water.By adding a teaspoon of oil per meal, we have a complete weight loss plan that can be useful for those who want to lose weight without doses, schedules or calories.
    A teaspoon of oil equals only 1 point according to Weight Watchers. 

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