18 reasons too much sugar is bad for you

18 reasons too much sugar is bad for you

Too much sugar harms the diet, health and obviously the figure : unless you perform particular physical activities that require a high intake of carbohydrates, a dispassionate advice I give you is to limit sugars, especially simple ones, but also the sources of starch and complex carbohydrates if for example you have a tendency to accumulate fat around the waist, if you are hungry for sweets, if you have intestinal disorders. These three problems are indicators of a bad relationship with carbohydrates. You can undoubtedly improve your carbohydrate metabolism, for example with training, both cardiovascular and resistance (ie weights) and the reduction of fat in the diet, but if we already have these three problems and do not exercise, too much sugar makes the situation worse. In this article, we look at 18 reasons why too much sugar can be bad for us.

1) The risk of cardiovascular disease increases:
 in recent years, scientific research has focused on the action of carbohydrates and not fats, in the risk of developing cardiovascular problems. This study includes most of the studies and meta-analyzes that underscore this link.
2) An excess of sugar can damage the teeth and gums. The bacterial flora of our mouth is very aggressive, and feeds on sugars, which are converted into acids that corrode the tooth enamel and weaken the gums. So it’s not the sugar itself, but the conversion of acids from fermenting food in the mouth that causes the damage.However, it has been noted that more than simple sugars are complex carbohydrates that ferment, or highly fermentable sugars. 3) Too much sugar contributes to obesity and diabetes. 4) A high consumption of sugars is linked to the risk of cancer. This risk, however, is indirect , i.e. it is linked to the fact that an excess of sugars leads to greater weight and in particular to greater visceral fat, but also a high glycemic index diet could increase the risk. 5) Too much sugar causes vision problems: A high blood sugar level reduces our vision and increases the risk of developing cataracts. Much attention must be paid if we have high blood sugar or are diabetic.

6) Too much sugar is bad for the head: There is a correlation between sugar consumption and migraines . A diet rich in simple sugars would be more annoying.
7) Too much sugar is linked to the risk of depression ( source )
8) Too much sugar causes constipation. 
The link is with the alteration of the intestinal bacterial flora, but it has also been seen that those with high blood sugar tend to have constipation problems, due to the slowing of intestinal transit.
9) Sugar makes the skin ugly: too much sugar causes a loss of elasticity of the dermis, because it increases the glycation of collagen and elastin .
10) Sugar causes premature aging: see point nine
11) Too much sugar makes varicose veins worse: again due to point nine, or glycation
12) In children too much sugar causes hyperactivity, anxiety, difficulty concentrating
13) Too much sugar causes alterations hormonal,
 in particular the ratio between estrogen / progesterone and testosterone
14) Sugar aggravates PMS problems: see point 13
15) Too much sugar causes adrenal and pancreatic stress: due to the high release of cortisol and insulin
16) Sugar increases estrogen in men: see point 13
17) Too much sugar reduces cognitive abilities and can be a risk factor in the development of dementia: this is the reason why Alzheimer’s is recently nicknamed “type 3 diabetes”. High blood sugar levels cause a greater risk of cognitive decline.
18) Too much sugar causes immune problems: one of the causes could be the worsening of the bacterial intestinal flora , in favor of more aggressive “bad” bacteria 

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