1400 Calorie Moderate Diet: The Easy Scheme

1400 Calorie Moderate Diet: The Easy Scheme

A moderate 1400 calorie diet is a good compromise if we want to lose weight a little at a time, about 2 kilos per month compatibly with our caloric needs and our lifestyle (if we have an estimated caloric requirement around 1800 calories per day and we are moderately active) and instead we are unable to lose weight with more restrictive diets , and then end up eating too much on days of freedom or getting tired quickly and going back to eating as it happens.
In this article we see a very simple scheme of a moderate 1400 calorie daily diet , customizable in such a way that you can choose foods freely without having to keep up with too many counts or particular recipes.
1400 calories are also a good compromise to allow us to have the right energy to do moderate physical activity, for example three gym sessions in a week (sessions of up to one hour) or three hiit sessions of less than half an hour three times a week . On rest days, a walk can help reduce a sedentary lifestyle.
Here is an easy 1400 calorie moderate diet plan, ideal for losing more than one size in a couple of months.

Breakfast: two slices of toasted wholemeal bread (such as sandwich bread) or 4 wasa slices or 4 wholemeal rusks or 4 rice cakes with 50 gr of light ricotta or 100 gr of skimmed Greek yogurt and two teaspoons of sugar-free and light jam (or as an alternative to ricotta and jam 12 grams of peanut butter are perfect) plus 200 ml of skimmed or light vegetable milk (maximum 35 calories per 100 ml), coffee or tea to taste with zero calorie sweetener.
Snack: 180 gr of apple or pear or plums or 240 gr of red fruits of your choice or 250 ml of orange juice without sugar or 140 gr of banana. Lunch:

100 g of tuna in brine or an omelette with one egg + 60 g of egg whites or 75 g of bresaola or 100 g of turkey breast or 100 g of legumes weighed from boiled with 2 slices of toasted wholemeal bread or equivalent (see breakfast) or as an alternative to bread 40 gr of wholemeal pasta. Plus 150 grams of raw weighted leafy vegetables such as: salad, rocket, spinach, chicory, chard, escarole, steamed. A level teaspoon of oil in all for seasoning, lemon juice and vinegar (not icing) to taste. Spices and herbs to taste. A sugar-free herbal tea to taste.
Snack:170/150 grams of skimmed Greek yogurt or 125 grams of natural or fruit skimmed yogurt. Alternatively, a Kellog’s or other type of cereal bar or a packet of pavesini. It is preferable to choose cereals or biscuits if, for example, we plan to do physical activity half an hour later, while it is better to opt for yogurt in other cases.
Dinner:100 gr of fresh grilled salmon or 80 gr of smoked salmon; alternatively about 120 gr of white fish or 170 gr of crustaceans / molluscs of your choice or 100 gr of defatted veal or turkey or 120 gr of natural tofu or 150 gr of cottage cheese or 130 gr of light ricotta. 80 grams of wholemeal bread or 60 grams of brown rice / wholemeal oats / quinoa / buckwheat. 150 grams of raw or cooked vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, aubergines, courgettes) or mushrooms or broccoli / cauliflower / asparagus / artichokes. A level teaspoon of oil in all for seasoning, lemon juice and vinegar (not icing) to taste. Spices and herbs to taste.

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