10 tips to lose weight faster

10 tips to lose weight faster

10 little tips to lose weight faster but without the risk of regaining the lost weight.
In this article we see what some nutritionists recommend to lose weight faster but with longer lasting results, which will change our lifestyle and our way of thinking about food.

No drastic diets, miracles or special concoctions: these are ten practical , safe and sustainable tips.

tips to lose weight quickly

Eat foods that are higher in fiber.
The more fiber you consume, the fewer calories you consume. It has been seen that those who consume 30 to 35 grams of fiber per day reduce calorie absorption by 150 calories.
You can try vegetable noodles with spiralizer, konjac shirataki, green plantains or de-fat coconut flour. Or fake grains like quinoa or buckwheat are other options to the usual whole foods.

Vegetables and fruit must also be added in greater quantities to our diet.

Add a high intensity workout routine.
Doing physical activity not only burns calories, but promotes the maintenance of lean mass, preventing this from being lost with a low-calorie diet, and thus allowing us to keep metabolism high. If you don’t know how to do it, here is the HIIT workout at home of only 20 minutes .

Eat when you feel a real sense of hunger.
Wait for your stomach to grumble, not for your head or mood to make you crave food.

Cut back on alcohol.
This will allow you to lose weight faster.

Keep a diary (even photographic) of your progress.
Taking pictures of what you eat and sharing it on social media helps a lot to keep you motivated when the weight is stable. Weight loss is never linear, and being aware of the road you have come so far and the encouragement of friends allows you to stay on a diet.

Drink more water (if you drink little).
If you find yourself drinking too little water, this dehydration slows down your weight loss.
Try drinking more of it throughout the day, in small sips, to help hydrate your body and a large glass in the morning as soon as you get up.

Cut down on portions or help yourself with some clever tricks.
If the diet makes you hungry, add low energy-density vegetables (cucumbers, fennel, leafy greens) to your dishes, instead reducing the portions of foods with higher energy density (cheeses, pasta and rice, fatty or sugary foods , sausages). Chew slowly: this helps a lot to lose weight, because it improves the assimilation of nutrients and significantly reduces the sense of hunger, count 40 seconds per bite.

Use the stairs.
Use the stairs and not the elevator in every possible situation. And if you manage to hurry them it’s even better.

Keep motivation high.
Always tell yourself the reasons why you started a healthier life and a new diet. This will help you at times when you want to drop everything.

Avoid temptation.
Do not have gluttonous foods at home, when you go out study the menus to avoid overstretching, and when you have a free meal, do not overdo it.

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