Yoga books

Yoga books


Among the yoga books , one cannot fail to mention a sacred, oceanic text, comparable to our Bible, to the Divine Comedy: the  Bahagavadgita . It is the ancient Sanskrit poem which, with the classical Upanisads and the Brahmasutra, constitutes the threefold science of Vedanta . 

Other books on yoga, its practice, benefits and theory: 

  • The fundamentals of yoga . A first reading of Patanjali’s yoga sutra (2000) by TKV Desikachar

On the path of union with oneself, this fundamental text cannot be missing for the understanding of the tradition of which Yoga is both physical and spiritual expression.

  • I Learn Yoga (1975)  by André van Lysebeth

The dimension of Yoga is so rich and vast. Sometimes complex things are best unfolded with simple words . Reading this book is the best way to start learning about yoga as a complete beginner.

  • The Heart of Yoga (1997) by TKV Desikachar

Having taken the first steps, experimented with the first asanas , with this book you enter the heart of the practice .

  • Yoga for All (2016) by Meta Chaia Hirsch

From the famous and expert Yoga teacher Meta Chaya Hirschl, a practical manual with many illustrations essential for students and teachers. Yoga for All provides a method for teaching yoga first to oneself and then to others, drawing on one’s own unique inner gifts.


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