Why a lightning diet doesn’t work (ever)

Why a lightning diet doesn’t work (ever)

dietalampofacileFirst of all, you may be wondering what a lightning diet is: a lightning diet is a diet that allows you to lose weight in no time, from three days to a week. When does it work? It is only useful when the days before making it you binge like a pig, for example, as I often say, you were invited to a wedding or you were the bride. Or it was the time of some terrible party, like Christmas or August.
Believe me, if I have a diet blog it is because in my life I have done so many and above all I have read entire encyclopedias of articles about it.. Weight comes and goes often. In my case, a proper lifestyle and a healthy diet allow me to swing a maximum of one to two kilos. When I gain two kilos the temptation to find some shortcuts to lose weight is tempting. After all, I know them all. I also know a lot of so-called slurries or fat-dissolving supplements, so I have an advantage. Years and years of information on diets and various experiments will also have served any purpose? Indeed yes. They have served NOT to do more lightning diets . Now I’m going to list 4 reasons why dieting never works and you should stop believing in fairy tales.

1) The lightning diet and calories:when they tell you that calories do not exist always remember that, although it may be a simplification to reduce everything to calories, calories exist according to ninety-nine percent of scientists, from neuroscientists to physicists to biologists. If to lose a kilo you have to lose about nine thousand calories, and it is recommended not to lose more than 500 a day in order not to dismantle the lean mass and slow down the metabolism too much , this means that you will lose a TRUE kilo.in about three weeks of a low-calorie diet. You can’t get the same result in three days without just depriving yourself of fluids. This is a fact. The only counter-current experiment so far has been the Swedish 4-day diet, with research involving a number of obese people and somewhat insane doctors. Very dangerous diet I am talking about here. Anyone who tried to do it without medical supervision pissed blood. I would drop the one exception in the world if you have even one life and no doctor pays you to go to the hospital.
2) The lightning diet and metabolism:staying on a stint for three days means activating all the defense mechanisms of the body, which, on the other hand, thinking of an imminent famine or a danger of life, will respond by burning the minimum to survive. When you go back to eating like a human you will get a gift of slower metabolism, greater water retention and more fat as a gift. A bonus of flab. The more lightning diets you do the fatter you become. I know, it’s sad. But it happens to everyone. When a girl you know is on the wrong diet and doesn’t want to hear reasons, remember that Mother Nature is holding her own against her, not the other way around . And sooner or later the effects of a wrong diet come at a high price.
3) The lightning diet and the brain: I always remember an experiment done with mice, which showed the effect in the brain of a lightning diet. After the lightning diet, the little mouse wanted two things more than others: sugar and fat. Fat and sugar. Indeed, it seems that the same DNA changes in this sense, or rather by favoring the absorption of sugars and fats in the diet. Put simply, you will be constantly hungry for sugars and fats, plus you will assimilate them much more in any food, even low in carbohydrates or fat free.
4) The lightning diet and the scale: The lightning diet and the scale are great friends, which you have never noticed. The lightning diet can only deprive you of water and glycogen stores, depleting your muscle mass: two things that result in less weight, in a temporal measure.So temporarily the lightning diet works all right. The effect fades with the first glass of water. And as for muscle: well, they’re hard to build, hard to maintain but very easy to lose. Do you know something that is created immediately instead of muscles? The flab.

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