What is Interscalar Science

What is Interscalar Science

Can science tell us what connects the smallest subatomic particle, life processes and clusters of galaxies? We are at the gates of a new scientific paradigm, the inter-scalar one. Let’s find out with Leili Khosravi.

What is Interscalar Science

In the beautiful setting of the Community of Living Ethics, in Città della Pieve , in the province of Perugia, we spent some time with Leili Khosravi , a surgeon who, however, expands his research fields into other scientific fields, from mathematics to astronomy , passing from acoustic to quantum physics. It is the Interscalar Science . We leave the floor to her.

What is meant by interscale science? 

While standard cosmology studies the structures and dynamics of the universe on a large scale to understand their origin, evolution and “final destiny”, interscalar cosmology studies the universe at all scales, stating that in the universe there is no there are more or less important scales .

This view originates from the Global Scaling theory, described by Hartmut Müller in his book, Global Scaling. The Fundamentals of Interscalar Cosmology .

It is the scientific paradigm that creates bridges between various branches of science, bringing a unitary vision of it, a synthetic but not limited vision , which connects astrophysics with biology and engineering with archeology etc., opening a new chapter in the scientific research up to now very sectorialized and divided. 

The interscalar view of the world as a new scientific paradigm shows the complex connection of all processes in all scales of the universe, explaining mathematically how subatomic and galactic scales are directly related to cosmic life , revealing how established systems, such as atoms , living cells, organisms, planetary systems or galaxies, are always realizations of the same matrix.

All this leads to a new understanding of life as a cosmic phenomenon, opening a new world of exceptional possibilities and of encounter and collaboration between the various scientific fields .

The interscale view places the emphasis on communication between the scales of the universe, which is the fundamental characteristic of fractal structures , in man as in any process. 

The fundamental element of this scientific paradigm is to offer a universal unit of measurement called the Fundamental Fractal , which allows you to find all the interscalar connections between the various structures and processes not identified today.

We can find a striking example in the medical field: in the interscalar vision of man, he is considered as an integral part of the planet and of the solar system and of the universe itself .

Consequently, the study of anatomy and physiology is viewed in the light of universal mathematical laws by  making visible links between biological rhythms, for example, and the breath, heartbeat and electrical activity of the brain, and the size of planets and of the stars .

The interscaling science in medicine leads us to the true sense of holism which sees the biological being in all its scales! Especially not considering it an isolated element from the environment, from the kingdoms of nature and from the universe itself that surrounds it.

 The interscale vision of man opens up new doors to research in the medical field, giving the possibility to access treatments that we would never have thought of today , finding its source in all the scales that form the universe from the quantum to the galactic one.

The interscalar cosmology changes our perception of the universe, of ourselves, and of the meaning of life , pushing us to leave the usual vision that considers life only the biological one.

What are the most promising signs that indicate that we are entering an era based on this new paradigm?

There are many questions in the various fields of science that have never been answered in current science , here are a few:

•                    Why is the human heart rate close to one beat per second and the respiratory rate close to 15 breaths per minute?

•                    Why is the mass of the adult human brain close to 1.4 kg?

•                    Why does the wavelength of 280 nm correspond to that of ultraviolet rays B and C?

•                    Why so different planets like Venus and the ice giant Uranus, but also Mars and Mercury have similar surface gravity accelerations?

All these (and other) questions are not even research topics , because in the current paradigm of science, they are considered simply random factors.

How can so many questions remain unanswered about a reality so close to us as we deal with black holes and dark matter? First, the emergence of strong speculation, non-measurable entities and their exploration is a typical feature of a conceptual crisis in the natural sciences and a strong indicator of an imminent and profound paradigm shift .

Secondly, the emergence of those entities is a sign of psychological repression , whereby real facts are excluded from conscious perception and replaced by exotic and surreal ideas that make you think that it is vital to know how you can get out of a hole. black after he swallows you.

Humanity is experiencing an intellectual crisis not only in the sciences but also in life; religions and philosophies are no longer effective in preventing war and discord , the economic and political situation is unstable and creates a feeling of permanent precariousness.

Humanity is looking for something that allows it to get closer to its deepest identity , as a whole it needs a unitary vision of itself, as a One who first integrates it into the larger life.

In the inter-scalar vision of life, every scale is essential in the universe and what allows healthy life is the Communication and Cooperation between the different scales. In fact, interscaling science is the science of life , it is that futuristic science that will allow humanity to play its part for the common good; in this new paradigm all the sciences describe different scales of life, which using the same unit of measurement can become intercommunicating, creating better conditions not only for humanity but for all kingdoms and for the planet itself. THE

The new scientific paradigm – the inter-scalar vision – will be the instrument through which humanity will have a more ethical orientation aimed at the common good and will finally be able to do its part in the name of cooperation with other scales of life . I am convinced that science will set the stage for the advent of the new era based on communication and cooperation that will lead to respect for life in the broadest sense.

What are the disciplines most ready to make the  saltus  towards the interscalar paradigm?

This new scientific paradigm pushes us to renew our knowledge on the history of the cosmos by creating a new cosmology, a new history of our planet and the civilizations that have inhabited it .

This involves a change in the meaning of success, evolution and the meaning of life; in a nutshell we should move from the concept of competition to that of cooperation and recognize everything as a form of life and life as a phenomenon of inter-scalar communication . Only then could we use the new paradigm of inter-scalar science by applying it in the many areas of science and culture, such as:

> medicine;
> education;
> economy;
> agriculture;
> means of communication;
> architecture;
> development of new technology in the engineering field, by better understanding the properties of Light;
> new energy resources; Do we really need to look for new energy resources or are we immersed in energy and should we just learn to recognize and locate it?

I believe this new paradigm will profoundly affect our understanding of light and its scales of expression.

Then we will see that Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology must be renewed, considering themselves as different scales of study of the same phenomenon of life and light.

Sacred geometry seems to find more and more space in quantum physics, astronomy, biology and music. How can you imagine its application?

It is important to know that all structures and processes in the Universe are materializations of numbers, by measuring everything we get numbers. 

Numbers are the source of Space and Time . Space and time are common properties of matter and consciousness. We call the oscillation of space-time “Light” . Light transforms time into space and space into time.

Atoms, electrons, protons, all matter is a stable form of light. Light is a means of communication ; each light forms its own special spatial configuration and temporal constellation.

So when we talk about sacred geometry, in the interscalar vision we can talk about spaces that are constructed using the Fundamental Fractal as a unit of measurement , and are spaces that favor interscalar communication through light. So they are spaces that promote well-being and health.

Obviously we imagine that future architecture, particularly of hospitals, workplaces and homes, will use this knowledge to build spaces that favor communication, that is, interaction through light . They will be spaces where consciousness, as a creative and active force in the universe, can be realized in freedom without limits of space and time.

A handy example is the human anatomy that fully respects the Fundamental Fractal (FF) , and it is the same for our senses which are nothing more than light receptors in very different scales, which we call sight, hearing. , touch but they are nothing but harmonic light receivers. Living beings are beings of light: if we know the FF we can analyze this light and decode it. 

Consciousness and matter are the same thing and we can also analyze them through the FF. And again the music is beautiful and it is harmonic when it is the expression of the Fundamental Fractal. T he Fundamental Fractal is the harmonic matrix of the universe and all structures and processes develop on the basis of this harmonic matrix.


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