Vitamin A and depression

Vitamin A and depression

Accutane , a drug used to treat severe acne, psoriasis and other skin problems both topically and orally, is said to be linked to severe depression, suicide and psychosis among treated patients .

In Italy it is found as Roaccutan, Aisoskin, Isotretinoina, Isoriac.

The drug is based on a retinoic acid derivative, isotretinoin .
Therefore it is a derivative of vitamin A.

According to a study , the problem underlying Accutane is the link between vitamin A derivatives and the manifestation of severe depressive syndromes.
I remind you that we are not talking about vitamin A from food.

The same study, published by the Journal Clinic of Psichiatry , makes a very careful examination between cases of depression and suicide and compounds based on synthetic vitamin A.

Among the major symptoms are mood disturbances, sleep disturbances, depressive disorders, psychosis, suicidal thoughts, fatigue, anxiety.
And an aggravation of previous psychiatric problems.

All symptoms that according to the researchers disappeared with a non-continuous use of Accutane or with the suspension of treatment.

In some of the studies collected, the percentage of patients who have had problems of this type due to Accutane is 90 percent.

In others, from 4 to about 30% of certain cases are passed, depending on the type of sample (only young people, mixed, etc.) and the observation methods used.

This is because the retinoic acid derivatives would act on the central nervous system, and in particular on the activity of the hypothalamus .

Other adverse effects of vitamin A supplements include cases of osteoporosis, digestive problems, lung cancer, fetal malformations.

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