Two Day Diet or Fast Protein Diet

Two Day Diet or Fast Protein Diet

Today I’m talking about the two day diet or Fast Protein diet. A variant of the famous 5: 2 diet or Fast diet , which unlike Dr. Mosley’s method, makes you lose more weight with fewer sacrifices. In fact, one kg per week is lost by doing only 2 days of diet.


It is not a hard or dangerous diet, nor is it high protein. While the traditional Fast diet included a particularly low calorie diet for two days (500 calories for women, 600 for men) and a normal diet for the remaining five days of the week, the Fast Protein diet includes a two-day 650-calorie diet. indistinct between men and women. But these calories only have to come from protein sources. So: 150 calories more per day than the Fast diet, but only protein meals.

Weight loss is achieved on the one hand with two days of reduced calorie content, and on the other with a metabolic boost that allows you to burn more on non-diet days. Being protein for two days, even if the calories remain few, you are less hungry than with the normal Fast diet.

These two days of diet do not have to be consecutive. You can have a diet day on Monday and one on Thursday, or one on Monday and one on Friday. Or one day on Tuesday and the other on Friday or Saturday.

Let’s see on page two the weight loss day scheme and the normal day scheme. While it is mandatory to follow the weight loss day schedule to the letter, the normal day schedule is optional. The important thing is that during the 5 days of a normal diet we don’t eat too much. In this way you lose at least one kg per week.
Those who want to lose more weight can try Dr. Mosley’s 800 diet.