Trouble Losing Weight? The reason may be this

Trouble Losing Weight? The reason may be this

Problems losing weight: there are those who speak of a simple “excuse” and that everyone can lose weight if they eat better and move more; there are those who say on the contrary that if a person is obese it does not mean that he has never tried to lose weight, quite the contrary. Obese people often encounter not one but many failures on their path to weight loss, and just as often they fail. I think that judging them as incapable is a way of feeling superior to them, winning in some way, although it is equally true that many people like to eat, as well as give in to laziness and do not move from the sofa.
In short, let’s say that the truth is somewhere in between:on the one hand many people fail in the attempt to lose weight, but they try many times without success and have objective problems in losing weight more than others; on the other hand, there are people who don’t even try.

To tell us that there are problems with losing weight , and therefore it is not said that eating too much and not being active is necessarily the cause of overweight, says science. Today there are many hidden mechanisms that explain, in a certain sense, the disposition of some to take on more weight than others. This does not mean that those who are fat are destined to remain fat , but that for these people with problems other than overeating the path becomes more difficult.
Today, for example , new research talks about an enzyme that would cause damage to adipose tissue,making it unable to store excess energy in some areas and instead promoting the accumulation of fat and the generation of new fat cells elsewhere, for example around the organs of the body (visceral fat).

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