Tiramisu fit: the light tiramisu

Tiramisu fit: the light tiramisu

Today we see a new recipe for a perfect tiramisu for breakfast: the tiramisu fit , a light and very quick tiramisu to prepare because it is single-portion, and that we can eat for breakfast, accompanied by a coffee or tea, or as a substitute meal for lunch or of dinner, preceded by a plate of mixed salad with a tablespoon of oil (150 Kcal).
This light tiramisu in fact has about 200 calories , but the portion is generous and it is really satisfying: of course, before you ask me, I’ll tell you: it has nothing to do with traditional tiramisu, but it is an excellent compromise.

The ideal, however, is to do it the day before to eat it the next day.
Here is the recipe.

Ingredients for the light tiramisu:
normal or decaffeinated coffee (about 2 cups)
rum or vanilla flavor
grated orange peel (optional)
a packet of vitasnella rice crackers or  two rice cakes or two wasa slices or two wholemeal rusks fage 0% Greek yogurt a 170 gr jar or a 175 gr package of exquisa fitline sweetener to taste without calories 100 ml of coconut milk or 80 ml of hazelnut or macadamia provamel milk bitter cocoa 8 gr ( about a normal spoon)

Procedure: in a bowl, coarsely chop the crackers or biscuits until you have pieces of about 2 cm.
Put 2/3 in the bottom of your tiramisu container and sprinkle with the coffee.
In another container, mix the yogurt with the orange zest, the flavored milk, the rum aroma and the sweetener of your choice (sweeten it a little more than usual, as the base under the coffee will be bitter).
Put 2/3 of them on top of the cracker and coffee base, taking care to cover it and level it well.
Now put the remaining crackers, creating a very thin layer on the cream. Cover with the last part of cream and sprinkle with plenty of cocoa to cover all your tiramisu fit. Cover and refrigerate overnight.
Serve the next day.