Three easy rules for losing weight

Three easy rules for losing weight

You want to lose weight but don’t know where to start .

You have no idea how many calories you consume, and no idea how many calories you need to cut each day to lose weight.

You would like to go on a diet, but you are afraid that the diet you have chosen is too restrictive for you, and you do not yet know if it is appropriate to consult a nutritionist or a dietician, although it is the ideal choice.

If you answered yes to all these phrases, you could first of all follow these simple and harmless weight loss rules that will not lead to a crash diet or to ruin your metabolism. And if these rules explained by a famous coach are not enough then yes, it is advisable to contact an expert.


  1. Drink differently: Eliminate all drinks except water, coffee, tea, milk in the morning and sugar-free herbal teas. Those you can drink, all the others (juices, spirits, fizzy drinks, etc.), no.
  2. Eat at least two lean, healthy meals a day.
    If you have breakfast at the bar in the morning, a pizza for lunch, and an improvised plate of pasta in the evening, change your attitude and try to eat at least two healthier meals a day.
    That is, they contain a lot of vegetables or a juice of only vegetables, a fruit or a small portion of carbohydrates (including legumes), a very minimal amount of oil or a teaspoon of butter and a low-fat protein food (chicken, turkey, defatted veal, egg whites, skimmed dairy products, tofu, tempeh, seitan, fish or shellfish).
    So if you want to save breakfast at the bar, lunch and dinner must follow this criterion. If you want to save yourself the slice of pizza for lunch, then breakfast and dinner must follow this criterion.
  3. Do not go on fast or drastic diets that you are not sure of: it is one thing to contact a nutritionist or dietician, it is quite another to believe that by eliminating gluten, carbohydrates, animal proteins or other you can lose weight. Instead, try to follow rule one and two and keep it up. Simple and natural foods, healthy lifestyle and the results will come. Do you know what is special about people who manage to lose weight compared to those who can’t? No special gifts. They are determined and never give up. 
  4. What if these three rules for losing weight aren’t enough? In fact, they are not enough without physical activity.
    If you’re short on time, schedule a HIIT workout to move at least 10-15 minutes every day. Read here to get started. 
    If you can carve out an hour or two two to three times a week, go to the gym, and walk on non-workout days, preferring legs to anything else.

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