The risk of heavy metals makes the paleo diet dangerous

The risk of heavy metals makes the paleo diet dangerous

Is the paleo diet dangerous?
Undoubtedly there are some dark sides in this diet that is inspired by primitive man, so you don’t eat cereals, legumes and dairy products. That is, contraindications that have come to light in recent years thanks to a series of researches.

From the reduction of the hormone of longevity if the diet is low in carbohydrates, to greater cardiovascular risks to an exacerbation of the risks of psoriasis if the diet includes too much fat, these and other problems would make the paleo diet dangerous if done in the long term.

We also know that it is risky to speak of primitive man’s diet as a precise dietary model.

From the most recent study of the finds it has already been discovered for some years that seeds from cereals and legumes were consumed even in the Paleolithic , while the consumption of cheeses dates back to the Neolithic. 

Today, a new study addresses the risk of heavy metal contamination linked to the paleo diet.



A study of the findings of Stone Age men found that primitive man had high levels of cadmium, lead and mercury that accumulated in the skeleton. Which suggests heavy metal poisoning with values ​​22 times higher than the safe limit.

Primitive man of the Stone Age, Paleolithic period, ate a lot of fish, especially cod and other large fish.

In the absence of a more varied diet, which includes cereals, fruit and legumes, eating fish more than four times a week can create the same risk in modern humans as well.

Especially if we consider the trends of the last few years.

For example, the fashion of algae supplements, plants that have a high absorbency of heavy metals,  and of fish oil supplements, in which we often find t racks of metals that make long-term consumption contraindicated. 

The study is in line with the recent discovery that a peach-vegan diet can lead to a dangerous build-up of mercury.

The other problem is the amino acid profile. It has recently been discovered that eating too much meat and fish, along with soy, means increasing the consumption of sulfur amino acids , linked to metabolic syndrome and the risk of early death.


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