The properties of dark chocolate? Fat burning

The properties of dark chocolate? Fat burning

properties of chocolateAfter the phony German study on the slimming properties of dark chocolate ( you can find it here ), invented from scratch by a journalist, I was rather skeptical, as a chocolate lover, about the umpteenth news concerning the properties of dark chocolate, which coincidentally, they are slimming . Instead this timeit is true, even if the researchers do not know how to explain why, and the result was part of a larger study on the diet of adolescents, namely the HELENA-CSS (Healthy Lifestyle in Europe by Nutrition in Adolescence Cross-Sectional Study) project, therefore, these are post hoc conclusions that the researchers deduced from the results of a larger and more generic study, which would have involved about 1,500 adolescents. According to the hypotheses of the researchers, dark chocolate would be a natural slimming: more than burning fat, it would inhibit the formation of fat in the body.


The deduction arises from the fact that the boys and girls who habitually consumed chocolate had less total fat mass and abdominal fat mass , and therefore also less fat, compared to those who consumed it sporadically and occasionally: according to the researchers, the link would be demonstrated and demonstrable. Could dark chocolate be responsible? For the moment, only the observation collected by experts is valid: it has been shown that those who ate more chocolate were also thinner. But why?

What are the hypotheses that link the  properties of dark chocolate to lower body fat ?
One explanation could be that of the antioxidants contained in chocolate, flavonoids, in particular linked, according to some studies , to cardiovascular health benefits, but also used in slimming diets, such as the diet of foods with sirtuins in America has shown ( Sirtfoods Diet), which also explains  how to take advantage of the benefits of red wine and chocolate for weight loss .
In short, dark chocolate would be an excellent ally to fight body fat: if you want to test it, buy dark chocolate over 70% bitter, and for the brave like me, even get to the very bitter one, 89% or 99%. It takes away the hunger for sweet, and has a certainly beneficial effect on mood. And if it prevents us from gaining weight, so much the better!