The paleo diet hurts the heart

The paleo diet hurts the heart

The paleodiet ? It would hurt your heart.

This is what an Australian research conducted by the University of Perth reveals .

The team analyzed the inflammation markers of 44 subjects who followed the paleo diet, comparing them with those of 47 people who ate a varied although typically Western diet.

To be clear, those who followed the paleodiet ate more meat, fish, vegetables, nuts but little fruit, limiting the consumption of other carbohydrates to a few sweet potatoes and alternative flours (coconut, almond, etc.).

The other sample obviously also ate legumes, cereals and dairy products.

The result amazed the researchers themselves.
In fact, those who followed the paleo diet had a very high rate of  trimethylamine-N-oxide  ( TMAO) , an amino oxide compound that a series of studies have linked to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. TMAO is produced by the stomach

In those who followed the Paleo diet, double levels of trimethylamine-N-oxide were found.
According to the team, those following the paleo diet take too much carnitine due to excessive use of animal proteins.
Proteins that are not balanced by adequate portions of fruit and cereals, and starches in general.

This creates a bacterial intestinal problem, which results in a worrying risk for the heart .

I recommend that people following the Paleolithic diet eat more fruits, plantains, tubers (including potatoes, now paleo), konjac shirataki, basmati rice and not just vegetables, combining these foods with each meal with animal proteins.

And to eat fish and eggs and not meat every day.
But above all not to fear carbohydrates.

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