The Korean diet against extra pounds

The Korean diet against extra pounds

In Korea it is considered a real revolution, thousands of people follow it and say it works.

This is the Korean diet , considered the solution against excess pounds and excess hunger given that Korea in recent years has seen an alarming increase in the rate of obesity and overweight.
There are extreme variants of this diet, called K-Pop , which, inspired by the diets of Korean pop showgirls (Pop Idol), allow you to lose two to three kilos a week, but in a very drastic way. The K-Pops are very trendy, and they take the name of those who have tested them on themselves: the Suzi diet, the Iu diet, etc.

In short, in Korea losing weight has become the new diktat, but will this Korean diet also be healthy?

In the official version, the Korean diet is balanced, rich in natural foods, where sweets are excluded in favor of fruit and foods that are too fatty must be limited. It is advisable to do physical activity to promote the loss of fat mass.
In short, this is how the Koreans are getting back in shape.


Weekly plan

  • Monday
    Breakfast: unsweetened coffee or tea, banana pancakes made by mashing a large banana (130 grams) with an egg and cooking it in a non-stick pan. Two walnuts or 3-4 almonds.
    Lunch . 120 grams of brown rice weighed when cooked, a portion of vegetables of your choice, a teaspoon of oil, spices to taste. Sauté the rice in the vegetable pan.
    Snack : a fruit.
    Dinner. Chicken salad with mixed salad, boiled chicken in free quantities, a teaspoon of oil. A fruit for dessert.
  • Tuesday
    Breakfast : unsweetened coffee or tea. A slice of toast with a teaspoon of peanut butter (10 grams) + 100 grams of banana.
    Lunch. Mixed salad of your choice with a teaspoon of oil and a protein food of your choice between natural tuna, two medium eggs, smoked salmon, octopus, squid, shrimp tails or tofu.
    Dinner . Like Monday lunch.
    Snack: a fruit.
  • Wednesday
    Breakfast as from Monday.
    Lunch with roast chicken in free quantity, vegetables of your choice cooked with a teaspoon of oil.
    Dinner with 50 grams of rice or soy noodles stir-fried with a teaspoon of oil, a little soy sauce, vegetables of your choice.
    Snack with a fruit.

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