The Greenprint Vegetable Diet: Lean Forever and Saving the Planet

The Greenprint Vegetable Diet: Lean Forever and Saving the Planet

The new book by Marco Borges, physiologist and international coach, with a preface by the singers and the couple Beyoncé and JayZ, was born after the success of the 22 Day Diet , and this too allows you to lose weight in about a month, starting from a minimum of 3 and a half kilos up to double, or 7-8 kilos, if you follow all the rules.

This is the book ” Greenprint, La Dieta Vegetale “, published in Italian by the guys from Sperking & Kupfer.
There is a lot to be said about this book, which is truly rich and interesting.

The first nice thing is that it reconciles the health and well-being of the person with the well-being of the planet.


The Greenprint of the title is in fact the measure of the impact that our food choices have on body weight, on our general health and on the planet. By changing your diet you can become thin forever, without counting calories, but also by making dietary choices that do not offend the planet, polluting it and contributing to the exploitation of the resources that are leading to its ruin.
In the book Borges talks about 22 Greenprint laws , or 22 things (some very easy, you don’t have to think about very demanding stuff) that can solve our health and our fight against extra pounds but at the same time reduce the environmental impact of the diet .


Borges illustrates in the book all the advantages of a vegetable, therefore vegan, diet. But the book isn’t just for vegans.
You can follow the plan, which in three phases allows you to lose weight and improve your lifestyle, up to the 44 day phase, and of course you can also decide to introduce a few foods of animal origin if we cannot do without it, but with much more information and a diet that is more attentive to the consumption of fruit and vegetables. So it’s not a book that speaks to vegans. It is a book designed for everyone.

Borges is good at illustrating all the benefits of a 100% plant-based diet, starting with a study in which a group of people followed a vegan diet, losing three and a half pounds without counting calories and eating their fill. But Borges’ plant-based diet promises to make you lose more weight with a double strategy.


Because Borges does not think that eating vegan is enough if you make certain mistakes, such as consuming certain foods including meat substitutes. Many people who follow a vegan diet do not comply with Greenprint laws, and end up eating the so-called vegan “junk food”.


Among the 22 Greenprint laws, I will indicate only a few, the first four, just to give you an idea of ​​the type of “laws”.

  1. Eat more vegetables and less of everything else.
  2. Plan your diet according to your nutritional needs. Here are many examples of how to get all the nutrients from a vegan diet.
  3. Eat more to weigh less
    This part explains how to get more fiber in your diet so you don’t worry about calories and offers a table with grams of fiber for vegan foods
  4. Water is the fuel of life. Borges explains how and how much to hydrate to achieve perfect health and promote weight loss.
    Let’s now look in more detail at the stages of the diet, a sample menu day and a breakfast recipe.

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