The Fat Fast diet: lose 3 kg per week

The Fat Fast diet: lose 3 kg per week

The Kekwick Fat Loss Diet is a crash diet, I’ll tell you right away.
It is a diet that changes every 3-4 days, made up of small snacks but which does not exceed 1000-1200 calories.
But beware: it’s not the classic magazine diet.
It is a scientific protocol created by professors Alan Kekwick and Gaston Pawan, which was born in the 1950s as one of the first ketogenic diets.


The two scientists tested the protocol on thousands of patients through studies, the largest was published by the scientific journal The Lancet ( you can download it here for free ).

Comparing all possible diets to make their obese patients lose weight, Kekwick and Pawan established that there was a diet that with a certain combination of foods made them lose more fat than other diets.
Their contention was that not all calories were created equal. And that after a period of very low-calorie diet, people could eat more while maintaining the weight they lost.

Thus was born the Kekwick Diet or Fat Fast Diet.
The diet allowed for an average loss of 400 grams of weight per day for the first two weeks.
Plus half a kilo per week for the first maintenance phase

The benefits are in immediate weight loss, which can motivate people to lose more than 10 pounds.
The disadvantages are that to maintain weight, the daily carbohydrates will never be more than 100 grams net even in the maintenance phase.
With each mistake you return to step one of the diet for at least the first two phases.
This way you keep the weight lost.

The Kekwick fat-burning diet includes a maintenance phase in which you eat your fill and don’t regain weight, while maintaining a minimum amount of carbohydrates.
The quota is around 1800 calories for women and 2600 for men.
In 2011 a research brought the diet back to the fore, considering it one of the most promising as long as you follow the maintenance plan well. Let’s see what it’s about.
I warn you: it is necessary to speak to a doctor before following a diet.

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