The discovery that would lose 6 kg in a month

The discovery that would lose 6 kg in a month

Its creator, Professor Steve Bloom  of Imperial College London, considered by The Guardian one of the most brilliant and innovative doctors in the field of obesity, calls it “the greatest discovery” to fight obesity after gastric bandage: a hormone-based injection that would make obese patients lose weight by 6 kg in one month, automatically reducing their appetite by 30%. The injection would act on the sense of hunger, and in particular on the desire for fatty foods. The study saw a sample of obese patients lose 6 kg in a month with no indication other than to inject once a month, as its effectiveness would last 28 days in a row.

Professor Bloom, an expert in diabetes and metabolic diseases, would like to propose it on the market within the next 5 years , allowing overweight or obese patients to take advantage of the injection under medical supervision once a month and thus have concrete slimming results. But it would also be possible to reduce the dose and thus ensure weight maintenance once all the excess pounds have been lost. The results of this injection that would lose 6 kg in a month by acting on the sense of hunger will soon be published in scientific journals.
Meanwhile, Professor Bloom gave an interview on the method here.

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