The diet without white foods for weight loss

The diet without white foods for weight loss

The no white food diet is a whole or natural type diet ideal for weight loss and detoxification.
In fact, it can be of two types, depending on our intestinal sensitivity to certain foods. It can be with the inclusion of whole foods or with the inclusion of natural foods instead of white foods.

In this article we will see how to diet without white foods in both versions.
For both, in fact, the thing in common is to exclude these foods from the list.


White flour and all products that use white flour, not only double zero but also zero flour.
White salt, to be replaced with integral salt, always marine, or with gomasio.
Rice flour and white rice. Thai or jasmine rice is fine.
Dairy products and milk. However, aged cheeses and yogurt are not excluded.
Tofu and soy milk. These foods are also excluded.
White sugar. This is not a sugar-free diet, but honey, molasses, malt, or coconut palm sugar can be used instead of white sugar.
Butter and refined vegetable oils. You can use olive oil preferably raw.
Potatoes, potato starch, rice, wheat or corn starch.
Although it seems restrictive, the diet is absolutely not.

And it has the advantage of making us lose weight without having to control the quantities too much.
Let’s see the menu on page two.

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