The diet to live 100 years is not just a diet

The diet to live 100 years is not just a diet

His name is Dan Buettner , he comes from Minnesota and has discovered the key to living 100 years, after having studied for years the populations that live in the so-called Blue Zones, those parts of the world where people live the longest.
And after he found out, he put it into practice right in the state of Minnesota.

The result? Thanks to Buettner, people living in Albert Lea, Minnesota lost an average of 6 pounds per capita, reduced cholesterol and high blood pressure within 6 months.

All this thanks to the Blue Zones Vitality Project , a pilot project curated by Buettner himself.
Project that has transformed this town of 18,000 inhabitants into a healthier oasis in the space of 5 years.
Here everyone has improved their lifestyle by increasing their life expectancy by over 3 years each.

Buettner, in fact, after having lived and studied the Blue Zones, reveals that the diet to live 100 years is not just a diet, but a lifestyle.

The fundamental mistake, he explains, is that everyone, thinking about longevity, dwells on the food issue.

Undoubtedly, all areas where people live the longest have a similar diet, which has many points in common with the Mediterranean diet. More complex carbohydrates (up to 70%) from bread, pasta, rice, fruit, potatoes, legumes and other tubers. Less fats apart from a little olive oil, little meat and fish, a lot of vegetables.

But according to Buettner, while it is true that the Blue Zones diet exists, it is also true that it is an oversimplification to say that long-lived populations are such because of what they eat.
Because you can find other people who try to do the same diet, say, in Milan or New York, and not have the same benefits.

Buettner therefore argues that the secret to living 100 years is not just at the table. But in another.
And he assures that if you pay attention to this other, you will live a long time. Yes, but what is it?

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