The 20/20 diet of dr. Phil: you become thin

The 20/20 diet of dr. Phil: you become thin

To lose weight and keep the weight lost, you need to be motivated.
This premise I borrow from dr. Phil, longtime television writer, psychologist, former athlete and best known for his self-titled health show, perhaps the most watched in the United States, DR. PHIL.
A kind of Dr. Oz who started before Dr. Oz and is now an institution in some English-speaking countries.

The dr. Phil has come up with a diet called The 20/20 diet , and whose book has a promising subtitle: Make your goal of losing weight a reality.

What does dr. Phil? According to him , those who are thin deserve to be , obviously beyond the fact that they may have been born thin.
That is: people who are NOT thin and have made many unsuccessful attempts to be thin, reject a healthy and active lifestyle , a correct diet and the idea that to reach a healthy weight they must commit themselves, exactly as they do every day people who are thin who keep themselves thin.

They will deserve to be slim by taking the next step of telling the whole world they would like to lose weight: making the right food choices to lose it, period.

Turn and turn, it is true that there is a lot of misinformation and we eat badly, but proper nutrition is something we can all learn to do, just as we all already know what an “active lifestyle” means, or not?
The point is: being thin involves a change in your lifestyle.
Are you ready to do it? So here’s what to do according to dr. Phil.


It is a three-phase diet to reactivate the metabolism.

The first two last five days each, the last twenty, and apart from nutrition there is a program of physical exercises similar to the Tabata protocol, ie high intensity in a few minutes to speed up the metabolism and push the body to burn more calories. . You will find some free training plans to get started at the end of this article.

In this month of diet a list of twenty foods is proposed, some only for the first five days, to which the others are gradually added. The idea is to put your metabolism back in its senses with clean eating , that is, with a healthy diet and without industrial or refined foods. Lean proteins such as chicken or turkey, eggs and lots of fish grains and false grains such as quinoa. And then vegetables, top quality oil, avocados, nuts and sour fruit such as citrus fruits are the ideal foods for losing weight.

In the first 10 days you lose 3 kilos. 

PHASE ONE OF THE 20/20 DIET: to be followed for 5 days

Rules: between meals there must be 4 hours.

Breakfast: a cup of green tea, 125 grams of low-fat white yogurt with two chopped prunes or 7 almonds, 150 grams of cooked apple or pear or two fresh prunes. No sugar.
Lunch: 40 grams of chickpeas or dried lentils to cook with herbs. Alternatively, two scrambled eggs.
A free portion of spinach, chard, chicory or herbs boiled and sautéed in a pan with a teaspoon of oil. Alternatively salad. Aromas and spices of your choice. A slice of rye bread.
Snack: A chocolate shake with a scoop of foodspring chocolate protein 3K Protein, Chocolate .
Dinner.150 grams of cod or sea bass or plaice or 70 grams of tofu. Same vegetables as lunch with a teaspoon of oil. 120 grams of baked apple with a teaspoon of raisins and cinnamon.
Snack: 10 almonds or 15 pistachios.
On page two we see the second and third phase.

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