Suffumigi for cough

Suffumigi for cough

In case of cough it is possible to resort to an ancient practice such as fumigations, to soften the jaws and mucus and soothe the throat.

Suffumigi for cough

Colds, coughs , dry or greasy, fatigue  can be alleviated with the  remedies that our grandmothers adopted and which are effective for helping breathing, thinning mucus, freeing the bronchi.

The fumigations are part of this tradition, they are the precursors of inhalations and aromatherapy.

Technically they are very simple to put in place , you need a pot of steaming hot water, a towel with which to create a sort of Indian tent that covers the head and the pot to convey the vapors and the precious help of some natural remedy to add to the water. and to inhale.

Let’s see some of them in detail.


In case of airway congestion bicarbonate is an excellent remedy for the nasal mucosa . Two tablespoons are enough in a basin of boiling water to breathe in the vapors for at least 10 minutes.

It is precisely the heat that frees the respiratory channels, and bicarbonate has the property of modifying the pH by regulating the acidity peaks and thus creating an unfavorable environment for bacterial engraftment.

It is possible to enhance the effect of bicarbonate by adding some essential oils : the most suitable for coughs are the essential oil of Pine and Cajeput , which perform an effective emollient and antibacterial action. 2 drops and the foresight to keep your eyes closed during fumigation are enough.

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Chamomile is often associated with sleep problems or digestive difficulties and little considered instead for its beneficial effects on our bronchi and respiratory tract infections. In case of cough it is an excellent remedy, soothing, moisturizing, calming .

In fact, it has antispasmodic , anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and even antipyretic properties in case of fever.

In hot water, a level spoonful of dried chamomile flowers to be inhaled softens both the olfactory and mouth mucous membranes, disinfects the oral cavity and then you can drink a few cups during the day enriched with honey.

Chamomile disinfects the throat , calms the cough and thins the mucus.


Thyme is a remedy to be handled with caution , because it could be irritating to the eyes and in case of allergies irritate the mucous membranes. Therefore, except for interactions related to this aspect, we can use thyme in fumigations to quell coughs, disinfect the air and the oral cavity .

Thyme both in dried plant and in essential oil is a balsamic, expectorant, mucolytic remedy . Particularly suitable for dry cough, it helps to move the phlegm blocks and to thin them. In case of bacterial infection, the thymus disinfects and creates an environment hostile to the proliferation of bacteria.

The foresight is to keep the eyes closed during fumigation to protect them and to breathe the vapors both through the mouth and through the nose to absorb all the beneficial balsamic effects.

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