Style tips for next fall that you can put into practice no

Style tips for next fall that you can put into practice no

Every time, the seasons are more blurred , so it is not surprising that a garment from the summer collection can continue to be used in autumn with only a few slight variations in styling . Keeping this maxim in mind, we compile some of the favorite style tricks of those who know the most about fashion and that you can start putting into practice from now on.

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Sandals in autumn and winter? Socks in the middle of summer? For some time, everything is possible in the changing universe of fashion trends . You don’t have to be a lynx to realize that, in the middle of January, stores are full of cropped tops , light shirts and flowing dresses . What is the good new? That, thanks to that increasingly blurred border between seasons, it is possible to wear summer clothes in autumn and vice versa. This is good for a fundamental reason. Extending the use of clothing beyond a season is not only convenient for your economy, but it is sustainablewith the planet and it is what we should all start to put into practice right now.

It is true that, for a lover of fashion and trends, there are few things that are as exciting as a new garment but, if you include slight variations in the style, you can make a sweater from a couple of seasons ago look new. From summer dresses that are updated with trench coats and cardigans at halftime to sandals that you can wear with colored socks in the middle of winter, we have compiled some style tricks for next fall that you can start putting into practice now.


No garment more lives than Overshirt , also called shacket -. Halfway between a jacket and a shirt, the overshirt is the perfect alternative for those looking for a piece that goes beyond the usual trend with which they can warm themselves during halftime days. They are usually made with thicker fabrics than a normal shirt and can be perfectly worn over thin jumpers or short t-shirts when the temperatures are no longer so high. Already facing winter, it is the ideal garment to wear under coats and jackets , in an impeccable layering exercise .


Or failing that, fuseau leggings under a dress, one of the most powerful trends for next fall. Yes, we know that it is a risky combination , but also that when you try it, there is no going back. It is one of style equations that a priori seem impossible but that, from time to time, the catwalk (and fashion experts) remind us that nothing could be further from reality.


There is no look that can resist a cardigan or cardigan . The favorite garment of the most stylish French girls is a perfect wild card perfectly suitable to wear throughout the year. With jeans and short T-shirts, under blazers and coats or over summer satin dresses in autumn, like Sabina Socol . Keep in mind that any of the summer dresses you have in your closet is instantly updated if you add a cardigan.


Thanks to the legacy of Coco Chanel , a garment of classic workmanship – and that could well be associated with the legacy of our grandmothers, with matching skirts – is today a true wild card for halftime . Revised ad nauseam, in 2021 the most iconic silhouette is worn : length to the hips and a straight cut, neither too baggy nor too tight. Combine it with jeans, leggings or, if you dare, with cycling tights for the hottest days. It will be a safe bet .


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