Stop eating too much without dieting?

Stop eating too much without dieting?

Stop eating too much without dieting? It can be done, as Dr. Frankenstein shouted in the film Frankenstein Junior. It can be done and at some point it must also be done: losing weight and then regaining it is not healthy, indeed, according to recent studies it is even a worse practice than staying at the same weight. If you suffer from continuous nervous hunger and get fat by returning to eating “normally”, perhaps it is time to stop for a moment and try to take a deep breath and rewrite our history, starting from a new chapter in our life, which we could titled like this: how to get to feel good without being a slave to diets.
But how to do it in practice?

There is no solution for everyone, but here are some things that can help you:
1) DO TABULA RASA: Many people are confused today about what proper nutrition means, and I believe you. There are studies that associate all sorts of foods with the risk of incurring disease: from cereals and proteins, both vegetable and animal, to fruit and even an excess of fiber. Let’s get rid of the useless ballast and instead think about correcting our diet in this way: half a plate a day must be rich in vegetables seasoned very little and our snacks must not exceed one hundred calories (and must not be numerous). We then try to prefer whole or natural foods, and focus on quality over quantity. 2) FIND WHAT WE REALLY LIKE:

I like to lift weights. Sometimes I don’t want to go to the gym, but in general, going there is rewarding, and training with weights makes me feel good. But the world is beautiful because it is varied: my mother has decided to go dancing, for example, and you can decide to walk, swim, sign up for a pilates course, but by focusing on something that interests you, it pushes you to move. and that you are sure not to give up.
3) FOCUS ON THE PLEASURE OF OURSELVES:many people are convinced that they will be happy and fulfilled only after they have reached their desired weight, and in the meantime, time passes. But we have a duty (a duty for ourselves) and the right to be happy and fulfilled here and now. If we have always been curvaceous, looking at examples of beautiful, curvy women that seem like examples of happy and fulfilled women is a good exercise in reminding us that there is no standard of beauty
Choosing colorful garments that enhance us, reviewing your time by stopping thinking about food and calories and focusing on the activities we like, rest more and live in a qualitatively satisfactory way: these are just a few small things that can help us silence that demon interior that haunts us constantly, reminding us of what we are NOT (but what we would like to be). That demon is stressful and prevents us from living a full life. It is one thing to be motivated and not have habits that make us feel bad (binging is one of them), it is quite another to fear making mistakes at every visit to the supermarket, at every food choice, every time we set foot outside the home.
In short:three small tips to start reviewing yourself in an exclusive and less stereotyped way, which can be useful for those looking for the right compromise between weight and fixation.

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