Stomach pain: what are the symptoms that cause concern?

Stomach pain: what are the symptoms that cause concern?

Stomach pain , as we know, is one of the most common ailments of all: these discomforts can arise because it is not digested well, because it has eaten food with impeccable conditions, or because it is poured into a condition of great stress.

Stomach pain passes quickly, generally it does not last more than a few hours, and it can be dealt with without difficulty with specific products such as those that can be purchased on or other e-commerce in the sector, however unfortunately there are also cases in which these ailments prove to be particularly long-lasting and in these cases, obviously, it is essential to request a medical consultation.

The excessive duration of stomach pain

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In the event that a feeling of stomach ache lasts for more than 3 months, we can speak of chronic abdominal pain , but obviously, if this symptom is recognized continuously, it is necessary to consult a doctor after a much shorter period of time.

The fact that stomach pain is particularly long-lasting can undoubtedly be an alarm bell, but it is not the only one: in fact, there are situations that are particularly worthy of attention in front of which we must not remain indifferent.

Let’s find out what they are, not before having underlined that where a very pronounced pain in the stomach should occur, which is difficult to bear, the ideal is to immediately call the emergency room ; It is useful to remember that the telephone number to dial for medical emergencies is 118.

Fever, weight loss and lack of appetite

Stomach pain could hide serious problems where it is accompanied by feverish states : this combination can be a “spy” of health problems of various kinds, obviously only and only a doctor can, following a careful examination, specify which ones are the reasons for what is happening.

Even sudden weight loss is a symptom not to be underestimated which could hide problems that are anything but negligible, in similar cases, however, it is common for the person to manifest a poor appetite.

Episodes of vomiting and the appearance of blood

From a medical point of view, it is necessary to clarify immediately, even where stomach pains are associated with the appearance of blood in the stool, urine or vomit, where a similar episode should occur: in similar cases, medical consultation is essential and must ‘be timely, and the practitioner will surely be able to identify the reasons behind these unpleasant symptoms.

Episodes of vomiting, or even diarrhea, can happen to anyone and are usually transient: they can be due to having eaten food in suboptimal conditions, to intestinal viruses and many other reasons, however if they occur with a certain frequency it is necessary to investigate the matter further by undergoing a medical examination.

Other symptoms not to be overlooked

Even repeated abdominal swelling , perhaps accompanied by frequent flatulence, is a non-negligible symptom: flatulence is also completely normal episodes for the body, but if it occurs too frequently it could be a symptom that should not be taken lightly.

Even the difficulties in swallowing accompanied by stomach pain are often indicated as a manifestation worthy of attention, the same applies to the so-called jaundice, or the onset of an abnormal skin color tending to yellow.

Therefore, these are the symptoms that must cause some concern and that must push the person to undergo a medical examination, should they occur.

Stomach pain, as we said, is a nuisance that can affect anyone and which normally is not to be considered extremely worrying, but in the event that it lasts for a long time or where, precisely, it should be accompanied by others unusual symptoms, a medical consultation is essential because it could in turn be a symptom of more complex problems.

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