Stomach acidity: symptoms, causes, all remedies

Stomach acidity: symptoms, causes, all remedies

Stomach pain, heartburn, reflux, gastritis are all conditions that signal an alteration in the absorption of the gastric mucosa. Stomach acidity can be very annoying and should not be underestimated especially if it is not an occasional ailment.


Stomach acidity can be due to many factors all of a different nature, not only physical but also emotional . The burning sensation can vary in intensity and go up towards the neck. Let’s find out better how to cure it.

  • What is stomach acid
  • Stomach acid symptoms
  • Causes of stomach acid
  • Recommended foods in case of stomach acid
  • Foods to avoid in case of stomach acid
  • Treatments for stomach acid
  • Herbal remedies
  • Bach flowers for stomach acid
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Essential oils for stomach acid
  • Exercises

What is stomach acid

Stomach acidity or heartburn is a digestive system disorder that sees hypersecretion of hydrochloric acid passing the protective mucus layer of the stomach wall, resulting in inflammation.

Stomach acid symptoms

Stomach acidity manifests itself through various symptoms, more or less annoying. The first alarm bell is undoubtedly heartburn which in some cases can extend up to the neck. However, it must be observed with caution if the pain is felt within 30 minutes after the meal (it could be a gastric ulcer ) or if it continues during the day even in the night (it could be a duodenal ulcer).

In other cases, the ascent of the gastric juice can give rise to gastroesophageal reflux (in these cases the strong acidity intensifies when postural changes occur) and lead to various other symptoms, such as: 

  • Sore throat
  • Continuous heartburn
  • Hoarseness
  • Asthma
  • Tooth enamel erosion
  • Regurgitation of food

Causes of stomach acid

The most common causes of hyperchlorhydria stomach pain may be due to the consumption of acid-rich foods , large meals, use of alcohol and tobacco, therefore:

  • Unhealthy lifestyle
  • Bad eating habits
  • Connections with other pathologies such as helycobacter pylori gastric infection 

It is important to consider the stomach as a target organ of emotional reactions , so ulcerations and stomach hyperacidity can also be due to a real prolonged state of anxiety or intense stress.

Recommended foods in case of stomach acid

Prefer carbohydrates and gluten-free cereals . Vegetables are never enough and there are some specific ones that help the stomach: fennel naturally restores the well-being of the organ.

White meats and low-fat blue fish are easily digestible.

Also pay attention to what you drink. Prefer natural water and room temperature (carbonated drinks increase gastric acidity), or unsweetened herbal teas and infusions , preferably based on fennel, chamomile, mallow or lime, characterized by a soothing action on the gastric mucosa and help to relieve anxiety and stress . 

Furthermore , manuka honey has excellent effects in case of heartburn and stomach acid.

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Foods to avoid in case of stomach acid

Some foods tend to irritate the stomach walls. However, those who have a sensitive stomach and tend to experience gastritis  or acid reflux often (which can also irritate the throat) must pay some attention on this front.

Animal proteins are characterized by slow digestion , which can create stomach acid after meals. Generally, the problems arise with red meat, less digestible than white meat and fish, but in all cases what most affects the effort required of the stomach are the cooking methods and times , seasonings and other ingredients. added in the preparation.

Those suffering from heartburn and digestive difficulties should never mix proteins of different origins in the same dish (for example, meat and milk or cheese; fish and eggs, etc.) and avoid eating too many different foods in one meal.

Even some whole legumes can be indigestible and cause acidity after meals, due to the presence of the cuticle of the seeds, or cause subsequent discomfort, in the intestine, in terms of abdominal swelling, meteorism  and flatulence. A trick to make them easier to digest is to consume them in the form of purees or purees .

In the case of fruit, consumed between meals helps reduce heartburn phenomena. The water content of the fruit in fact dilutes the gastric juices and consequently slows down the digestive processes: in fact, especially watermelon , melons , grapes  and particularly sugary fruits such as ripe persimmons should be avoided , because sugar facilitates the fermentation processes. causing the production of air.

Among the fruits not recommended are lemon and citrus fruits in general, because their acidic nature can easily irritate the gastric mucosa and cause stomach acid.

Lightly cooked vegetables are more easily digested. Vegetables such as kale , savoy cabbage , broccoli , turnips , tomatoes , and peppers can cause acidity after meals even when cooked and chopped. Then, of course, sour fermented vegetables (such as sauerkraut) should be avoided.

Even the wrong drinks can affect the well-being of the stomach. Carbonated drinks (especially if containing caffeine, cola extracts, acidifiers, dyes and preservatives), spirits of all kinds (but especially spirits and more cocktails) have an irritating effect on the gastric mucosa and cause heartburn and acidity in the stomach. processed or less), coffee and industrial fruit juices.

But to restore the state of health, the rule that must be observed at the table is simple: sobriety . No to dips, abundant oil, fried foods, sausages or dairy products.

Treatments for stomach acid

To combat and prevent worrying forms of stomach acidity, natural cures can be used starting from different approaches.

Herbal remedies

Mallow is a wonderful  field herb, useful in case of stomach acid. Among the  remedies for heartburn : aloe to drink, mint , gentian,  artichoke , dandelion , milk thistle , cumin , fennel. 

If the stomach is weakened, an effective remedy in glycerine macerate is Ficus Carica , whose buds reduce gastric juice and, rich in digestive enzymes, facilitate the digestion of food.  Roman chamomile has antispasmodic and pain relieving properties, but it is also excellent for all heartburn.Bach flowers for stomach acid

Bach flowers work on the health of the body and on the state of mind and are therefore indicated for the treatment of stomach acid.

  • Agrimony , for example, is the remedy for those whose stomach acid is a reflection of unexpressed worries and undisclosed annoyances.
  • Willow is worth more in the case of acidity due to anger hatched for too long.
  • Crab Apple balances the stomach;
  • Elm is indicated for those who live oppressed by worries and live with a heaviness in the stomach that is due to the load of the commitments made.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

The stomach in traditional Chinese medicine  controls the maceration and maturation of food, regulates the transport and diffusion of the energy of the food jing .

In traditional Chinese medicine in the stomach we find the origin of fluids and it is this organ that controls the descent of Qi.
Stomach and Spleen in TCM are inextricably linked: toning through acupuncture of both organs is essential in all convalescences.

Essential oils for stomach acid

Essential oils are used to rebalance the psychic and emotional sphere and are also suitable for treating problems related to the stomach. 

Chamomile essential oil , for example, is a cure-all for sore stomachs and the same can be said of anise essential oil . Lemon essential oil also eliminates acidity and forms of heartburn.


Chew for a long time , eat slowly, this is the fundamental exercise. Avoiding lying down immediately after a meal is also important.

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