Sterols and Steroids | Role of Sterols and Steroids in our body

Sterols and Steroids | Role of Sterols and Steroids in our body:
Sterols are type of lipids. These are involved in many biological functions. Some peoples thought they are bad for health but actually they are most important for our health, In this article I will discuss about the reality of sterols, What are sterols, Ergo sterol, 7-Dehydrocholestrol, Cholesterol, Importance of sterols in our body and how to control cholesterol level? This article will focus only on the chemical and nutritional value of sterols. So if you want to know reality of cholesterol and other sterols than read this article till end.
What are Sterols?
Sterols are type of lipids. These are involved in many biological functions. Their physiological functions are widely diversified. The most common steroid is cholesterols. Steroids are basic component of cell membrane. They are also responsible to produce fat soluble vitamins. Sterols are not bad for health actually they are used to rigidity of cell membrane.
Types of Steroids:
Sterols are naturally produced in Animals, Plants and Fungi.
Phytosterols: Sterols that are produced in plants are called Phytosterols.
Zoosterols: As we know that zoo means animals. Sterols that are produced in animals are called Zoosterols.
Ergo Sterols: Sterols that are naturally produced in fungi are called Ergo Sterols.
Ergo sterol:
Ergo sterols are fungal and plant sterols that are naturally produced in plants and Fungi. They are most important for fungi. They are precursors of Vitamin D2.
Functions of Ergo sterols in Fungi:
They are most important for the rigidity of cells. In fungi they are also present in cell membranes of yeast and fungi. They are related to climatic instability.
Role of ergo sterols in nutrition:
Ergo sterols are important in nutrition because they are precursors of Vitamin D2. In industry they are used to synthesis Vitamin D2.
Proper utilization of vitamin D is responsible for Growth and development of children. It is also involved in strength of bones and teeth.
7-Dehydrocholestrol is zoo sterol, That is naturally occurs in animals. They are converted into vitamin D3. Actually when 7-Dehydrocholestrol subjected to ultraviolet radiations, it is converted into vitamin D3. Same as they are present on skin and due to ultra violet radiations of sun they convert into Vitamin D3. They are also precursor of cholesterol and serum. They are found on the epidermis of skin.
Vitamin D:
As we know that they are precursor of Vitamin D3 or cholecalciferol. These are involved in the growth and development, and give strength to bones and teeth.
The common sterol is called cholesterol. It is animal sterols and precursor of cholic acid. Which is constituent of bile acid (Bile acid: it is involved in digestion of fats, by the emulsification of lipids.)
There are two sources of cholesterol:
About 500 – 800 mg cholesterol is eaten by food per day. This ratio is higher in Pakistan due to eccessive use of fats.
About 75 % cholesterol synthesized by body. It is approximately 1500mg.
Cholesterol is famous due to its association with cardiovascular diseases. Excessive use of cholesterol is responsible for atherosclerosis.
If you want to know more about Cholesterol and atherosclerosis then click on this link and read our article.
Importance of sterols:
Dissolve Fat Soluble vitamins:
Sterols are precursor of vitamins and dissolve many fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K). These vitamins plays essential role in our body.
Present in cell membranes:
Sterols are also present in cell membranes. They are responsible for the rigidity of cell membrane. For example cholesterol is present in cell membrane of animal cell.
Plant Sterols:
Plant sterols are good for heath because they have large number of low density lipo-proteins.
Part of brain:
Sterols also part of brain. And these are main constituents of white and gray part of brain. There is about 14 % cholesterol present in white part of brain. While only 6 percent cholesterol composed gray part of brain.
In the light of above discussion we can say that cholesterol or sterols are not bad for our health. There are three types of cholesterol from which phytosterols are most important and play important role in our diet. Cholesterol is main constituent of brain and cell membrane.
If you want to know more about cholesterol that click on this link:

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