Today we discover the Seagate Game Drive Halo Edition, a hard drive for Xbox that allows you to give a boost to the memory of your console

It has been known since the console gaming market welcomed online features and digital markets (if not before), memory is never enough, and no matter which version of a particular console you have, sooner or later you will find yourself. to deal with the need to delete some games or saved content. To remedy this, the market offers us daily external storage memories also for consoles , which once connected allow not only to exploit additional space, but also to comfortably carry their games – and contents – anywhere, in order to use them on other consoles. Among dozens of possibilities of companies in the sector, which often tend to resemble each other in terms of performance and design, Seagate offers us theSeagate Game Drive Halo Edition , dedicated to Xbox consoles and especially to lovers of the Halo universe, considering that it is also perfect for any collector who craves any item dedicated to Master Chief .

Seagate Game Drive Halo Edition design and convenience

The Seagate Game Drive Halo Edition comes with a design that Xbox landscape lovers are unlikely to despise. The Master Chief icon is predominant, and a series of really interesting stickers is also included in the package (always dedicated to the protagonist of Halo). The product is – as per Seagate tradition – solid and functional, 11.71 x 8 x 1.47 mm apparently indestructible, with a body that does not tend to heat up even after many hours of use, and a weight of only 170 about grams .

Seagate Game Drive Halo Edition

The external hard drive is completely plug and play , and by connecting it with the cable to any port on your Xbox you can easily set this memory up correctly, after about a couple of minutes of installation. Of course, no external power supply is needed, as the Seagate Game Drive Halo Edition provides USB 3.2 Gen 1. As mentioned at the beginning, its portability function should not be underestimated, since it allows you to transport games, saves and content comfortably on other consoles, with the same simplicity. By connecting the device that contains what you want, you can also easily access the games themselves, which also makes it particularly useful for preparing for the transition to the next-gen, as it works as a perfect container for all titles .

Speed ​​and capacity (for all palates )

In fact, the product works both on the Xbox One family and on the Xbox Series X / S , but beware, since it is not an SSD it does not allow the storage of all the games dedicated to the next-gen, and does not offer (obviously) the performance of the Latest generation SSD proposed by Microsoft. Its cuts range from 500 GB to 8 TB , we tried the 2 TB version , which allows a more than effective expansion of the memory of each Xbox . Both taking the last generation as an example, and the current one (especially in the case of the Xbox Series S, which has only 364GB usable), the Seagate Game Drive Halo Edition really leaves a lot more space and breathing space for any type of storage. The product can store up to 500 games , a very important result that is unlikely to be achieved by users.

Seagate Game Drive Halo Edition


Obviously, the speed of the product of 140Mbit per second is perfectly in standard with the last generation, and does not create any kind of slowdown in the course of the gaming sessions. In case you want to transfer the games from this hard disk to the internal memory of your console, the times are not particularly long, especially for less demanding games, a few minutes will be enough to move (or clone) the software without problems. Speaking of costs, in reality – despite being a limited edition – these are quite affordable, and the 2TB model easily takes home with a hundred euros, which obviously rise for the other editions. It must be said that external SSDs would certainly be more performing, but in the same way also more expensive, which obviously implies the possibility of obtaining less additional space at the same cost. Especially for those who still have their feet in the field of the last generation, we have not noticed any particular smudges for this product , which also allows itself to delight fans of the well-known 343 Industries saga.

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