Replacement meals with organic vegan proteins

Replacement meals with organic vegan proteins

A glass of soy milk, sugar-free almond plant milk or oat plant milk and a scoop of organic vegan protein, to which we can add a few other ingredients for a boost of fiber and essential fatty acids.

Here’s how to get 200/230 calorie vegan meal replacements that work great to reduce hunger and can help us lose weight if we use them instead of lunch and dinner.

But which vegan proteins to choose?
Today, thanks to the arrival of new products, those who want to make replacement meals with organic vegan proteins have a wider choice of soy or rice proteins.

Here are some vegan and organic protein powders you should definitely try.
They allow you to make versatile and nutritious meal replacements and weight loss smoothies, with a very good taste, which doesn’t hurt, and the addition of fruit and vegetable powders for a complete shake.

For each brand I also suggest the right combinations, with doses and calories.


The new organic vegan protein blends are a mix of pea protein, chia seed or pumpkin seed protein, hemp protein, rice protein, vegetable and fruit extracts, antioxidant extracts such as goji berry powder.

I have chosen the best that can be found in Italy through Amazon, with an excellent value for money.

  1. Sun Warrior Protein Blend vanilla flavor. 

    Questa miscela proteica, completa di tutti gli amminoacidi, è ottenuta da proteine del pisello, di canapa, bacche di goji e cocco macinato. Si aggiunge l’aroma naturale di vaniglia e la stevia come dolcificante. Vanno miscelate in un bicchiere di latte vegetale a scelta o acqua. Uno scoop fornisce 100 calorie e ben 18 grammi di proteine. L’estrazione degli ingredienti avviene a crudo, e per questo prodotto è biologica. Per gli sportivi è una delle marche top.
    Link: Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Vaniglia

  2. Proteine della canapa The Healthy Tree. 

    They cost very little, and provide around 13 calories for a 25-gram scoop for around 130 calories. They are neutral, without additives and preservatives. I recommend blending them with 50 grams of very ripe banana and 200 ml of soy milk with no added sugar plus a little stevia and cinnamon. You will get a creamy and fruity substitute meal with 220 Kcal and 18 grams of protein.
    Link: TheHealthyTree Company Organic Hemp Protein Powder – 600g

  3. Indigo Nutrition Pumpkin Protein. 

    Here too we are talking not about a blend, but only protein powder from pumpkin. Slightly earthy flavor. About 23 grams of protein when added to a glass of soy milk, a spoonful of cocoa powder, a teaspoon of chia seeds and stevia. A chocolate shake that provides you with 215 calories. Link: Organic Pumpkin Protein Powder

  4. Natural Athlete, raspberry flavored vegan protein.

    Un altro blend come il numero uno, cioè una miscela. Aroma naturale, proteine del riso, del pisello e della canapa con dolcificante naturale, konjac per dare cremosità, sale rosa Hymalaiano. Ottimo valore proteico. Uno scoop da 25 grammi disciolto in un bicchiere di latte vegetale a scelta senza zucchero (anche non di soia) fornisce da solo più di 18 grammi di proteine e 170 calorie.
    Link: Proteine Vegane – Natural Athlete – 75% di proteine – 100% Naturali e organica, senza zuccheri aggiunti. 350g.

  5. Ekopura proteine vegane gusto mirtillo.

    Excellent blend of pumpkin protein, flaxseed, hemp protein, beet extract, pea protein.
    A product with a high protein value. In fact, a 25-gram scoop provides less than about 100 calories and over 19 grams of protein. To be mixed with 200 ml of sugar-free soy milk and a teaspoon of almond or hazelnut or pistachio flour (or 10 almonds) to obtain a complete 200 calorie meal. Link: Natural Vegan Protein – Blueberry, Organic Ingredients.

  6. I’m-Choco Pro by I’m Kobu.

    Last blend that I recommend. Protein from pea, pumpkin and hemp seeds, with the addition of cocoa and stevia.
    25 grams dissolved in a glass of soy milk are enough to have 19 grams of protein and 160 calories.
    Link: Very High Protein Vegan Protein Powder | Gluten, soy or lactose free | Natural and organic ingredients | 500g | Chocolate .

  7. Amazing grass: vegan protein with chocolate flavor.

    It is a complete blend, to be dissolved only in water, for a total of 190 calories and 20 grams of protein.
    It has a higher fat profile, but the ingredient list is great: dehydrated vegetable blend, dehydrated fruit, hemp protein, chia, pea, quinoa, chocolate flavor and peanut butter.
    Also perfect for breakfast and great for sports enthusiasts.
    The only drawback: for ten portions it costs around 32 euros.
    Link: Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Chocolate Peanut