Remedies for dealing with nausea during pregnancy

Remedies for dealing with nausea during pregnancy

Nausea accompanies approximately 70-85% of pregnant women. Although with different characteristics and intensity, it is usually strongest in the morning and, in the worst cases, it is also accompanied by vomiting. It tends to resolve spontaneously by the first trimester of pregnancy, but sometimes some natural remedies can help


Even if there is no real solution to make nausea disappear, the remedies that can be adopted , in addition to some dietary precautions, are natural products capable of reducing symptoms.

Before understanding how to deal with this annoying problem, let ‘s clarify that nausea does not harm the baby and is not an indication of incorrect nutrition or fetal discomfort , on the contrary they are the signal of the hormonal change taking place in the woman’s body.

On the other hand, it can cause some problems when it is so intense that it produces an excessive loss of fluids and nutrients with vomiting , until the mother’s weight decreases (which in the first trimester should increase, albeit moderately).

In these cases, especially when the first nausea appears in pregnancy accompanied by a sense of general malaise, it is good to consult a doctor , because it could be a serious condition, called hyperemesis gravidarum , which requires specific treatment.

Why do you suffer from nausea during pregnancy

Nausea in pregnancy is considered a manifestation of the hormonal imbalances affecting the woman’s body at this specific time. In particular, among the hormones typical of this first trimester, human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is often responsible for the onset of nausea.

The levels of this glycoprotein , secreted by the placenta, tend to increase very consistently up to the third month of pregnancy , and then decrease and finally stabilize (around the sixteenth week of gestation) at the time of delivery. Consequently, already around the fourteenth week, the nausea subsides until it disappears.

Progesterone can also be the cause: on the one hand, this hormone predisposes to gastroesophageal reflux and heartburn, while on the other, it slows intestinal peristalsis to the point of causing annoying constipation .

Nausea and retching are particularly common during the first few months , especially upon waking up or after breakfast in the morning. This annoying sensation affects more than 50% of pregnant women, tends to increase at the sight of food and is often accompanied by drooling (abundant salivation). For this reason, within certain limits, nausea in pregnancy is not considered a pathological but a paraphysiological manifestation.

Tips and natural remedies for nausea

The remedies for nausea in pregnancy are often some simple dietary precautions and the use of some plants with antiemetic action, which often coincide with those to counteract car sickness.

However , the medicinal herbs that pregnant women can use are reduced to a small circle , to protect the health of the child and the woman herself.

  • Eating habits: eat little and often to keep blood sugar levels high. What to eat then? Dry and dry foods , such as cookies, crackers, or bread prefer light foods, such as bananas, pasta and potatoes. Eliminate fried, fatty, spicy and spicy foods that exacerbate nausea. Drink fruit juices and smoothies, which maintain blood sugar levels, and avoid caffeinated drinks
  • Physical activity : 15 minutes of brisk walking are enough to promote the body’s production of endorphins , to combat nausea
  • Ginger : candied , in biscuits, added to tea or fresh as an infusion, appears to have no side effects, while many anti-motion sickness drugs cause drowsiness and are toxic to the baby For this reason, ginger  is widely used against nausea caused by growth hormones, present in the first months of gestation. The essential oil of ginger is also generally used as a moderator in motion sickness (passive movement disorders such as motion sickness, sea and air sickness). This makes essential oil a valid alternative for the treatment of nausea in general, especially in the morning of pregnancy.
  • Umeboshi Plum Pastilles : to be dissolved slowly in the mouth. In traditional Japanese medicine, umeboshi are used in cases of nausea, digestive disorders and motion sickness.


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