Razer BlackWidow V3 PRO is the uncompromising keyboard, both wired and wireless: here are all the details in our review!

Razer has always been the quintessence of gaming peripherals, a true reference point in the panorama that embraces keyboards, mice, microphones, headphones and mats. Its reference keyboard has never stopped improving over the years and the versions that have followed, and today we can have in our hands the fantastic Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro , a real concentrate of technology, in short the condensation of over six years of experience in the field of gaming at the highest level . It is certainly not a small keyboard to be exploited as a “portable”, which would go with you anywhere: it is clear that this object is designed to stay “stationary” on a desk, thanks to fairly generous dimensions and weight.

Design and Connectivity

At first glance, the BlackWidow V3 Pro looks like many other keyboards in the Razer range , with a minimalist design, logo placed in the center of the base (entirely in aluminum), and sufficiently raised keys. Continuing, for example, we note that the Caps Lock signaling lights are not placed above the numeric keypad, but above the directional cross, and are accompanied by not three but five different indicators (including that of the numeric block for the keypad).

At the top right there is a section dedicated to the volume , with a wheel placed on the far right and three cylindrical keys on the left, which can control functions such as raising or lowering volumes, changing videos or songs. What do we find under this amalgam of metal, plastic and RGB LEDs? Well, there are two small feet that can raise our keyboard by nine degrees, as well as a small compartment almost completely invisible on the left of the viewer, which contains a small USB type A antenna : this little one is the centerpiece of the BlackWidow. V3 Pro , which is a wireless technology owned by Razer – the so-called Hyperspeed – thatcombines a 2.4 Ghrz connection with Bluetooth 5.0 technology , for a result of zero latency even in wireless mode. The battery lasts about thirteen hours and turns itself off after fifteen minutes of inactivity, to save charge if you leave the play / work station. This is provided that you use the keyboard at maximum brightness and with all its functions, otherwise by giving up it you can also go up to thirty hours of constant use in wireless mode.

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