Protein lunch: winter ideas

Protein lunch: winter ideas

An enemy of your line? Lunch, often a critical moment. We are used to thinking that lunch should consist of a first course of pasta or rice, often followed by fruit . But if in the morning we already have a breakfast based on carbohydrates in part or completely, lunch becomes a meal that is often too carbohydrate , or too loaded with sugars, which in many people causes apathy, drowsiness, digestive difficulties and nervous hunger during the afternoon. .

Not only that: many people who work and eat out, it is during lunch that they control less caloric intake than what they eat , with the consequence that they not only consume too many carbohydrates , but also too many calories. Add some mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks of cookies, crackers, sweets, and the daily carbohydrate quota rises dangerously, and often exceeds our needs . Good if you have a good metabolism, bad if you are sedentary and have a slow metabolism, with a tendency to gain weight .

This does NOT mean eliminating carbohydrates from the diet, but keeping them under control in the main meals, especially if we have to be awake and productive in the afternoon . Recent research has pointed out that those who eat out for lunch often adapt to quick and unhealthy meal alternatives, which have the equivalent of thirty teaspoons of sugar, including bulky sandwiches, pizzas and soft drinks. 
In this article, we will look at some protein lunch ideas that are suitable for both those who eat out and those who stay at home. Perfect if you have to work in the afternoon, if you suffer from nervous hunger and if the traditional lunch knocks you out

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