Personal trainer with electrostimulation


Personal trainer with electrostimulation

In the FAST family one of the key pieces is the personal trainer. He is responsible for taking care of you by planning and scheduling physical exercise, in addition to developing exercise sessions with you.

Electrostimulation Personal Trainer 2 Fast FitnessOne or two days a week you go to your nearest FAST center to do your electrostimulation training , but it is something different than going to the gym on your own. It is more personal, because you know that there is someone who is waiting for you.

We are sure that our coaches are the best we can have, because they have been selected for several reasons: their training, their experience, their personality and their attitude.

You wonder what a coach should know to help you. In addition to having an encyclopedia of exercises in your head, you should know about Anatomy, Biomechanics, Physiology, Training, etc. All these subjects are learned in the University Degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences , now for four years, like most University Degrees. This degree is what is commonly known as “Inef”, although in reality this is the acronym for the National Institute of Physical Education.

Because we believe that this is the best method to help improve health and performance through physical exercise. But it is not just a belief, it has been proven, we explain below two recently published scientific studies.

Study conducted on middle-aged men

Thirty-four middle-aged men were divided into two groups of seventeen people each. Group 1 performed physical exercise with a personal trainer. Group 2 performed physical exercise on their own. All subjects trained 3 days per week for 12 weeks. Obviously, those who improved the most were those who had a personal trainer (Storer et al. 2014).

Study carried out on postmenopausal women with obesity

In a doctoral thesis presented in 2014, the effectiveness of two methods for improving the quality of life in postmenopausal women with obesity was studied. 106 women were assigned to two groups. In the first of the groups they performed physical exercise at home, in the second they received only additional information on exercise and diet. After six months the efficacy of these strategies was evaluated. This study shows low adherence to unsupervised exercise programs, since 31 people stopped, 12 (21.8%) in the exercise group and 19 (37.3%) in the group that only received information (García González, 2014).

Benefits of personal training

Thus, physical exercise directed by a professional is the best option you can choose, some of the reasons are the following:

  • Higher performance.
  • Less time to achieve your goals.
  • Planning and scheduling specially designed for you.
  • More motivation and commitment, which will increase your willpower.
  • You have at your disposal a professional with the necessary knowledge to make your exercise sessions safe and face unforeseen events.
  • Variety, fun. Entertainment + training.

FAST is committed to personal training and qualified professionals. Ask at your  nearest electrostimulation center . Do you dare to start your personal training program?

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García González, F. “Benefits of a physical exercise program in postmenopausal obese women”. Doctoral Thesis. Catholic University of Valencia San Vicente Mártir (UCV).

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