Pelvic gymnastics before and after pregnancy

Pelvic gymnastics before and after pregnancy

To facilitate postpartum recovery and prevent the ailments that typically accompany new mothers, here are some tips and exercises to keep pelvic muscles in shape.

Pelvic gymnastics before and after pregnancy

During pregnancy , the female body undergoes a real transformation , changing and adapting to contain and make another human being grow within itself. And in this transformation the pelvic floor plays a fundamental role.

Tonic and healthy pelvic muscles help to better support the baby’s weight , facilitate its expulsion during childbirth and above all avoid (or limit) many ailments that most women face after childbirth.

How to do pelvic gymnastics in pregnancy

More and more frequently, within the preparation courses, future mothers are taught some exercises to train the pelvic floor during pregnancy. Many women, to tell the truth, discover the existence of perineum and pelvic muscles precisely in these circumstances. Here are some of the simplest and most effective exercises to perform daily during pregnancy .

> Lie on your back and with your legs bent, contract your pelvic muscles for 5 seconds, then relax them for 10 seconds. Repeat 15/20 times.

> In the same position, try to switch from short, intense contractions to a more prolonged and progressive contraction . It is the exercise called “lift”: imagine slowly making a weight rise from the outside to the inside of the vagina, and then it gradually descends. Repeat 5 times.

> Sitting with your legs bent and the soles of your feet resting on the ground, hold a sponge ball or a small towel between your knees . Repeat 15/20 times.

> Squat with your legs apart and the soles of your feet resting on the ground, spread your elbows at the knees and put your hands together . Contract and relax the pelvic muscles slowly. Repeat 10/15 times.

While performing the exercises remember to breathe regularly (inhaling with the contraction and exhaling with the relaxation) and be careful not to contract the stomach muscles.

Combine pelvic floor exercises with regular physical activity (perfect long walks and swimming) and a healthy diet . And don’t give up on sex : if the pregnancy goes well, normal sexual activity is good not only for the mood but also for the pelvic floor.

Pelvic gymnastics and perineal massage during pregnancy

Kegel exercises and all pelvic floor training exercises serve to make the perineal and vaginal muscles not only more toned, but also more reactive.

Having a control of this musculature before and during pregnancy is very important especially to facilitate recovery after childbirth and prevent the disorders that typically accompany new mothers (one above all: urinary incontinence). In the final phase of pregnancy, from the 34th week onwards, it is advisable to combine the exercises with the perineal massage.

The perineum massage aims to relax and make the portion of muscle that connects the anus and vagina more elastic , that is the one most exposed to spontaneous lacerations or on which the obstetrician intervenes with the episiotomy.

In fact, during childbirth, on the one hand, tenacious muscles are needed to help the baby get out , on the other, the right dilation is needed, made easier by a soft and elastic perineum. 

Performing the perineal massage is simple (insert the thumb between the anus and vagina and position the index finger externally, and perform circular movements, using almond oil) and very effective for limiting lacerations and the use of episiotomy , a procedure that leaves an inelastic scar and makes postpartum recovery more difficult.

After childbirth: pelvic gymnastics and vaginal balls

In the weeks following the birth, and with the support of the obstetrician or gynecologist, it is advisable to resume performing pelvic gymnastics exercises . You can perform the same exercises you did during pregnancy, starting with fewer repetitions and then gradually increasing.

Once you regain confidence with your pelvic muscles, it can be effective to use vaginal balls or vaginal cones , to be worn both while performing pelvic gymnastics and in other moments of the hectic life of a new mother.

The vaginal balls, in fact, lead the pelvic muscles to contract spontaneously, and to train without you even noticing.

Wear them while taking your baby for a walk : the benefits, for your intimate health and for your sex life, will not be long in coming!

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