Yesterday (October 3) Microsoft presented, during an event held in New York, its new line of Surface products: from new …


Yesterday (October 3) Microsoft presented, during an event held in New York, its new line of S urface products: from new Laptop models (with new shades of color) to a particular new smart headphones . In addition, news regarding Windows 10 and Office 365 were presented . You can find the line of products and news presented below in the article.

microsoftSurface News:

  • Surface pro 6:  Available in sleek black, this 2-in-1 delivers the best in portability for today’s digital life, consistently reliable connectivity, unmatched mobility, and exceptional power and performance torque
  • Surface Laptop 2: A sleek, slim, ultra-light product that’s always easy to take with you and comes with fast charging.
  • Surface Studio 2:  With graphics performance increased by 50%, this product breaks all the speed records of the Surface family without sacrificing power and performance of a truly professional level.
  • Surface Headphones: The first model of “smart” headphones belonging to the Surface family. These are headphones with a refined design and capable of offering interoperability with the various services so as to offer a total immersion experience.
  • Surface All Access: This is a service that will offer, in addition to the possibility of paying for a Surface product in monthly installments (starting at $ 24.99 for 24 months), also the subscription to Office 365, access to training in store and the most qualified assistance for any eventuality.



What’s new in Windows 10 and Office 365:

  • Your Phone app: This app allows instant access from your PC to messages and photos on your phone (Android).
  • Windows Timeline on smartphone:  It will allow you to easily find files, web pages or documents saved on your PC or Smarphone devices (Android / IOS)
  • To-Do integration with and Skype: With this integration it will be possible to move work commitments directly from the mailbox to your digital calendar without wasting time.
  • Family Safety for Microsoft Launcher: By  installing on the Android devices of the whole family and activating their respective Microsoft Family accounts, each parent will be able to know at any time where their children are, which applications they have been using and for how long.
  • Using Ink in PowerPoint:  The new smart implementations to the office package will allow you to use common tools such as bulleted lists or charts in a quick and intuitive way
  • Ink for Word:  This implementation offers the ability to add a word and insert spaces or text strings into a document without touching the keyboard. Edits are made in Word using the digital pen of your touch device.
  • Integrated 3D animations:  Thanks to this update, three-dimensional compositions within presentations and documents can also be animated.

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