Losing weight with meal replacements: the limits of the method.

Losing weight with meal replacements: the limits of the method.

Slim Fast diets, herbalife diet , herbal tea diet , protiplus diet and so on.
Do all those diets that offer you meal replacements for weight loss work?

The answer is yes, you can lose weight with meal replacements, but with limitations that I would like you to keep in mind before choosing to lose weight with one of these programs.


These are diets that generally require the purchase of a series of branded products (theirs), therefore not fresh, but freeze-dried or in any case canned or prepared of some kind. We talk about first courses, drinks, dessert creams, vegetable creams, even cappuccino and hot chocolate. Then there are the inevitable biscuits and the inevitable bars. Doctors scream to get you to eat fresh and drop packaged ones , while the meal replacement diet offers packaged foods.

People will say: yes, okay, but without the high-protein pasta and special pancakes how can I eat something tasty (usually carbohydrates and sugars) and lose weight?
Even Dukan has its own products on the market .

True. However, Dukan does not require the purchase of certain products. The Dukan method, on which I disagree, is still a slimming regime that more or less everyone can follow by shopping at the supermarket.

Instead, the use of substitute meals becomes the necessity to follow the program.


There are two objections to meal replacements and all dietary supplements for weight loss, perhaps three.

  • The first is that they are not cheap.

    This already creates a serious gap for those who lead normal lives and have a limited spending budget. Most of us. Some of these products are sold in supermarkets, but few: we often find them in pharmacies or parapharmacies, other times we have to buy them online.