Losing weight is also possible with artificial intelligence

Losing weight is also possible with artificial intelligence

That artificial intelligence programs are aimed at improving our lives is what we all expect. But certainly no one expected that they could also be our slimming coach.

And instead the WW, or the former Weight Watchers , to be clear the company of the famous weight loss program based on the points diet and the meeting between the participants, involved both Alexa and Google Home in a new software. Which will allow them to update users on points left on the diet, track their progress, and so on.
For those who buy the software, a nice voice will act as a virtual assistant to help them lose weight without having to waste time in counting.

In short: losing weight is also possible with artificial intelligence.
And this of the former Weight Watchers is not in fact an isolated case.


Previously , the Android Police site had reported the news of a new product coming from Google.
You should call Google Coach , and it will recommend users what workouts to do, how to fix if you miss a workout, and weight loss progress.

Using the user’s data, this service will allow you to have personalized training and nutrition advice, starting from its geolocation. All with a single notification, which will also include the advice to drink more water or other tricks to keep fit or lose weight according to your goal.

And what about Nestlé?

The famous Swiss company will soon offer a personalized diet service, based both on the customer’s DNA and thanks to an app called Line, which will record the results and tell them what to eat and what to avoid to lose weight. The result will be a kit worth 600 euros with all the products to be consumed for a complete plan, now being tested in Japan.

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