Losing weight in menopause according to Dr. Kirk

Losing weight in menopause according to Dr. Kirk

How to lose weight in menopause?
Fiona Kirk is a very special nutritionist, made famous by her ten books, by her insights into lightning fast diets to deflate at the last minute, and above all by the idea that proper nutrition for everyone is almost not possible.

Depending on our age and our activity, it is important to diversify the diet in order to have a perfect physical shape.

This is the summary of his latest books: diet advice tailored to people’s needs, entitled “Diet Secrets”.
Here then is his advice for losing weight in menopause.


  1. Eat more good fats.

    Postmenopausal women need the right fats for the health of their hormones. Yes to blue fish, avocados, nuts, extra virgin olive oil and a little raw butter to rebalance your hormonal health.

  2. Beware of carbohydrates.

    Even when we eat them whole, we need to be careful with carbohydrates. Postmenopausal women no longer need it so much and usually the sugar metabolism is already compromised. The solution? Eat more fruit between meals, don’t eat carbohydrates in the evening, eat less at breakfast and even less at lunch, helping yourself with more vegetables and counterbalancing with a protein resource (a little aged cheese).

  3. Help the thyroid .

    Thyroid problems are common in menopause. Help yourself by eating more iodine, for example with whole sea salt, seaweed, fish, shellfish, molluscs, fermented soy sauce.

  4. Insights.

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