Losing a size in 15 days on Dr. Kirk’s diet

Losing a size in 15 days on Dr. Kirk’s diet

British doctor Fiona Kirk is undoubtedly one of the nutritionists I follow most. Kirk is a real expert in metabolism and slimming according to the various ages of the woman.
Today we discover the latest version of his famous Fast Lane Diet , a quick but not drastic diet to lose a size in 15 days and maintain the results. With this diet it is easy to find out how many carbohydrates to eat to lose weight and when to eat them.

The scheme that I am illustrating allows us, as I said, to lose a size in 15 days, but it can then be followed even for a month, up to the maintenance plan. Hunger is kept at bay, it’s simple and customizable.
It makes you lose weight because it cuts down on snacks, focusing on three satisfying meals a day.


By British nutritionist Dr. Kirk.

Pre-breakfast. A cup of coffee + a cup of cold or warm lemon and ginger-based herbal tea obtained by boiling half an organic lemon with a piece of fresh ginger, a pinch of whole sea salt, a teaspoon of organic honey.
Sport after pre-breakfast. Five minutes of high-intensity sports (or half an hour on a treadmill or stationary bike), with 20 jumping jacks, 20 seconds of jogging with the knees raised, 20 crunches, 10 push-ups, one minute pause and then repeat 4 more times. This every day.

Option a. Two scrambled eggs in a teaspoon of butter plus a 25 gram slice of toasted wholemeal bread with a tablespoon of jam with no added sugar.
B. Omelette of 150 gr of egg whites, stuffed with two tablespoons of apple compote or two slices of defatted cooked ham or bresaola.
C. An avocado toast, made by toasting a 25g slice of wholemeal or rye bread and garnishing it with 50g of sliced ​​avocado plus a soft-boiled egg.
D. A small baked apple with cinnamon, cold-stuffed with 150 g of skimmed Greek yogurt or 100 g of cottage cheese pureed in a blender (adding stevia).

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