Lose 3kg in one week on the GM (modified) diet

Lose 3kg in one week on the GM (modified) diet

The GM diet is a really drastic lightning diet, which in the standard version allows you to lose 5 to 7 kilos per week: it involves eating fruit except bananas on the first day, fruit and vegetables except potatoes and bananas on the second day, fruit and vegetables on the third day without potatoes or bananas, milk and bananas on the fourth, meat and tomatoes on the fifth, proteins of your choice (meat, fish, cottage cheese) with vegetables on the sixth, and brown rice, fruit and vegetables on the seventh day.

In essence, this is the diet, and although it is a diet designed by General Motors to make its employees lose weight, in accordance with the FDA and the guidelines of the US Department of Agriculture, it is a diet that has had and continues to have a resounding success because it makes you lose many kilos, on average 5 kg in a week. But it is very drastic and unbalanced, although the daily quantities are free. In this article we will see a modified version that does not create nutritional deficiencies and that allows us to lose 3 kg in a week as a last minute solution.
Just follow this pattern for all 7 days. It doesn’t get any easier than that.
In case you want to follow the classic plan, I recommend a protein supplement of your choice, with a scoop or two of whey or soy protein, on days one, two, three and seven. I advise against doing it otherwise as it is.

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