Lose 3 kg per week by eating zucchini

Lose 3 kg per week by eating zucchini

Losing weight by eating zucchini in a week can lose up to 3 kg. Before seeing what to eat every day in the zucchini diet, let’s see the beneficial properties of zucchini for the health of the organism.

Zucchini: properties and health benefits

The properties of zucchini, in fact, are very interesting and have to do with the excellent content of vitamins and mineral salts, compared to very few calories. In addition to being rich in water, like celery, and low in calories, like strawberries (only 11 per 100 grams of product), courgettes are free of fat and cholesterol and often recommended in diets.

In Italy, the long and round varieties are mainly grown, whose nutritional values ​​per 100 grams of product include:

  • vitamin A
  • C vitamin
  • folic acid
  • fibers
  • potassium
  • manganese
  • sodium
  • iron
  • football
  • phosphorus

In addition, courgettes contain essential amino acids such as tryptophan, also present in quinoa, which perform many important functions for the body, including the transmission of nerve impulses and protein synthesis. Finally, there are antioxidant substances, beneficial for health.

Menu zucchini diet


  • Breakfast with coffee or tea, four wholemeal slices, or two wholemeal biscuits, plus a fruit. An apple works well in the snack between meals.
  • For lunch zucchini and tomatoes with 100 gr. of wholemeal pasta.
  • For dinner, grilled zucchini with a slice of turkey breast.


  • Breakfast with yogurt and cereals, for a snack a fruit of your choice.
  • For lunch zucchini with 100 gr. of brown rice.
  • Zucchini with grilled fish for dinner.


  • Breakfast with skim milk and four wholemeal slices. An orange or grapefruit juice as a snack between meals.
  • For lunch, grilled zucchini to accompany a vegetable soup.
  • For dinner, instead, chicken breast with courgettes.


  • Breakfast with tea and four wholemeal slices, a fruit in the middle of the morning.
  • For lunch, brown rice and steamed courgettes.
  • For dinner, zucchini stuffed with minced meat, preferably heifer.


  • Breakfast with skim milk and two wholemeal biscuits, one fruit between meals.
  • For lunch, two potatoes and two steamed courgettes.
  • For dinner 150 gr. of chicken breast with grilled courgettes.


  • Breakfast with white yogurt and four wholemeal biscuits. In the snack, a fruit centrifuge.
  • For lunch, chicken and courgette broth, 200 gr. each.
  • Grilled fish with courgettes for dinner.


  • For breakfast, coffee and wholemeal biscuits. Snack with a seasonal fruit.
  • For lunch 100 gr. of wholemeal pasta with courgettes, tomatoes and chopped mixed vegetables.
  • For dinner, turkey breast with grilled vegetables.

Zucchini diet: benefits against constipation

Zucchini have a very mild laxative effect. They are therefore useful in case of constipation and do not cause intestinal irritation. They are also indicated after episodes of dysentery, because they help to restore lost water and mineral salts.

Zucchini diet: benefits for the heart

Being rich in water and potassium, courgettes help reduce blood pressure. They also promote the reduction of excess cholesterol.

Zucchini diet: good for skin health

Zucchini is very good for the skin both if you eat it and if applied to the skin. They help prevent wrinkles and counteract bags under the eyes. They also protect the skin from sun damage.

Of course, before starting any diet, it is advisable to listen to the opinion of your doctor or specialist, a recommendation that we always make in all the diets published on our site. Low calorie diets with a limited number of foods can only be followed for a limited period of time. It is also advisable to carry out moderate physical activity daily to optimize results.

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