Lipetz diet, eat and lose weight!

Lipetz diet, eat and lose weight!

Doctor Philip Lipetz , author of the book ” The Good Calorie Diet “ (1994) has developed a famous diet that takes his name, the Lipetz Diet. Do you know her? If you want to improve your relationship with food, learn how to choose the important and frequent foods of your diet from the occasional ones to lose weight, and if you hate low-calorie diets or those in which you are asked to measure everything, the Lipetz Diet can really do for you. In fact, Dr. Lipetz was one of the first doctors to put forward the argument that calories exist only as a unit of measurement, but abstractly they cannot be the only thing we look at in a food.. In fact, there are good calories, which come from foods that must form the basis of our diet, and negative calories, which we must limit our consumption if we want to lose weight. The Lipetz diet is divided into two phases: a phase with only foods with good calories, the other maintenance, in which you learn to limit but not completely exclude the foods that can make us fat, and arrive at a more balanced diet. . According to the doctor, a good and healthy diet is the basis of weight loss: since our body is genetically programmed to put aside that is that it eats in stocks

(of fat), we must never push it to be hungry, in order not to trigger deprivation phenomena that lead to a subsequent accumulation of fat, but not even eat by encouraging the body to stock up.
To do this, the Lipetz diet combines the theories on the glycemic index with those on the insulin index, dividing foods into two categories: those with good calories and those with negative calories (obesogenic).
Now let ‘s see  HOW THE DIET WORKS.

1) Eat foods containing good calories
2) Eat only up to 1/4 a day of foods with bad calories
3) Eat a breakfast with good calories
4) Foods that stimulate insulin go eaten for lunch: animal proteins should be consumed for lunch in the maintenance phase
5) Snack good calories
6) Do not skip meals
7) Do not combine proteins with starchy foods (rice, bread, pasta, potatoes) and fruit
8 ) If you want to lose weight, don’t eat too much animal protein
9) Micronutrient deficiencies make you fat: eat more fruits and vegetables
10) If you eat foods containing bad calories, add foods with good calories

But what are the foods that contain good calories and those that contain bad calories?

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