Lemon for a week to lose weight immediately: menu

Lemon for a week to lose weight immediately: menu

Following the lemon diet is the most accurate weight loss program in recent years, you can continue with the 7 day diet. There are many who argue that it is a fairly strict diet but that allows surprising results. The lemon diet is effective, of course, and in addition to deflate, drain, lose weight and fight cellulite, it regenerates and purifies the body. But there is always a limit to everything, so beware of contraindications, being a very strict diet it should not exceed a month from when you start it. Because like all rigid diets it may no longer work, with the problem of regaining the lost pounds. It is a not very varied diet, which favors only white meats, lean fish (always boiled or grilled), fruit and vegetables, and can therefore quickly become boring, creating chronic fatigue, low concentration, bad mood. It is one of the many reasons why she should be followed for a short time. We recommend that you first consult an expert nutritionist or your doctor if you want to follow this diet.

Lemon diet: lose weight in 7 days, here’s how it works

  • As soon as you wake up: a glass of lemonade with warm water
  • Breakfast: fruit salad with 5 red fruits a handful of fresh almonds, not roasted and unsalted
  • Snack: 1 glass of lemonade + a handful of more almonds
  • Lunch: vegetable salad dressed with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Snack: raw vegetables + 1 glass of lemonade
  • Dinner: grilled fish with lemon juice + boiled fresh vegetables
  • 2 hours before going to bed: 1 glass of warm lemonade

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