Learn from our Canadian athletes to train better

Learn from our Canadian athletes to train better

Chloé Rochette, trainer and founder of the HappyFitness Movement

This winter will be the largest gathering of athletes in the world. Whether you are a sports fan or not, this event is a great source of inspiration for everyone. After all, athletes are human like any other who, through hard work, have become the best at their discipline. Let’s say it’s pretty inspiring!

Learn from our Canadian athletes to train better

Without necessarily aspiring to become the fastest, strongest or most agile in the world, we can certainly learn a few tips from these athletes to improve the way we train / take care of our health on a daily basis.

Here are five:



Athletes understand that while certain factors responsible for their success are beyond their control (illness, inclement weather, competitor performance), their daily actions are entirely controlled. They don’t just say that their annual resolution is to win this or that competition. They take a moment to identify the necessary steps to get there and assiduously take every action required: their lunch, their training, their rest, their massages, their planning (for the year or the training of the next day) and their organization. They are well surrounded, but know they are responsible for their progress.

What does this mean for us? While some will see it as pressure, this is actually great news. We alone are responsible for taking the daily actions that will help maintain our precious health. Our progress depends in large part on us, and that is reassuring and it simplifies the situation. We decide, we plan, we act and we progress! EASY!

The question to ask yourself: what actions should I take daily to reach my fitness goals? Here are  some suggestions.

Get back in shape


Consistency and patience

Athletes know that a good day’s work is good, but 365 is better! In other words, they understand that it is the repetition of small daily gestures that will lead them to success. They do not waste time looking for the fast lane, but make sure to take small steps on the main road, every day. It is important to realize that in order to reach a podium, an athlete has worked tirelessly, day in and day out, for many years.

What does this mean for us? This is just a little reminder that you have to trust the process. We have to believe that our little action today, even if it seems insignificant when it is isolated, will bring us closer to our goal if we repeat it daily.

The question to ask yourself: What can I do today to get closer to my goal?



Athletes know that their training is not worth much if it is not accompanied by adequate recovery and nutrition. In addition to continually nourishing their bodies with the right foods, they make it a point to sleep like champions on a regular basis.

What does this mean for us? We must keep in mind that a good diet has a lot to do with our athletic progress and that there is no substitute for sleep. The latter is essential for good athletic performance, but also significantly influences mood, concentration, memory and more. A study of 11 college basketball players measured their speed, throw accuracy, and mood before and after sleeping 9 hours a night over a 7-week period. The result? Each athlete ran faster, threw better and was generally in a better mood after the period of long nights of sleep! [1]

The question to ask yourself: Can I improve my diet or my sleep in order to improve my sports performance? Here are  10 tips to help you sleep better .

tips to sleep better



Top athletes also know that the quality of their actions outweighs the quantity and that repeating a movement poorly done hundreds of times can be worse than not doing it at all.

What does this mean for us? It is better to do five impeccable push ups than rush fifteen. Or, it’s best not to watch our Facebook feed while jogging. In short, by applying during our training, we make sure to get the maximum benefit, both physical and mental. Then, by performing our movements with good technique, we avoid hurting ourselves and we work our muscles to their full potential.

The question to ask yourself: Can I improve the quality of my movements or be more present during my training?



Since they have to train several hours a week, athletes make sure they have fun. They plan training with teammates, make good music lists and approach their sessions with a positive attitude.

What does this mean for us? The more fun we have while training, the more we invest in it and, consequently, the more we progress. Then, by associating the notion of pleasure with our sessions, we increase our chances of wanting to repeat them VERY OFTEN!

The question to ask yourself: How can I make my workouts more enjoyable? Here are some suggestions.

In short, unlike athletes, we cannot devote all our days to training. However, we can maximize our time by doing it well and optimize our health by doing it often!


[1] “Extended Sleep Improves the Athletic Performance of Collegiate Basketball Players.” American Academy of Sleep Medicine – Association for Sleep Clinicians and Researchers, 18 Aug. 2017,  aasm.org/extended-sleep-improves-the-athletic-performance-of-collegiate-basketball-players/.


Chloé Rochette, coach |   Follow me on HappyFitness

Sport having always been part of her life, Chloé became a trainer to transmit to as many people as possible the happiness that it brings her. Dancer, skier and ex-triathlete, she is now a personal trainer and founder of the HappyFitness Movement, a company through which she hopes to make a difference in people’s lives by transmitting to them the pleasure of moving.

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