Keeping fit in August: here are the tricks

Keeping fit in August: here are the tricks

Heat and mugginess in August tend to weaken even the most active person on the globe: furthermore, with the heat, sweat and the elimination of mineral salts favor swelling and water retention. Add that we spend fewer calories to maintain a stable body temperature, as it is not cold. And finally the aperitifs, holiday snacks, a few dinners out or too many whims? The result?
August is the cruelest of months for our line, perhaps after J

So… how to keep fit in August?
How to avoid gaining weight, reduce swelling, be more active despite the heat and limit the damage of a few snags?

Here are my tips. The secret? They work!


  1. Take a mineral supplement.

    You can take it in the morning, in juice or plain water if you are using a flavored preparation. I use a simple but top brand product that lasts me almost a month and costs very little, the NAMED HYDRA FIT .
    It will help you reduce both swelling and heat fatigue.

  2. Eat more raw fruits and vegetables… instead of other foods.

    Eat more fruit instead of dry carbohydrates like pasta or bread, and more vegetables instead of pasta, rice and cereals. For example, use chopped raw carrots to make carrot rice, to be seasoned with simple pesto, natural tuna, raw or cooked vegetables. Otherwise a cauliflower rice. Use the mushroom caps for pizzas, or potato slices for bruschetta.
    Eat fruit instead of sweets, and blend it with frozen, frozen skim Greek yogurt for a creamy ice cream on the go.

  3. Less pasta, more potatoes.

    Potatoes are versatile and contain potassium. Plus, they’re the most filling food of all, and they even beat protein when boiled! They have 80 calories per 100 grams. Try it: what satisfies and is more satisfying, 200 grams of potatoes (weighed raw) or 45 grams of pasta? Try replacing the first course with potatoes every other day: you will consume fewer carbohydrates, more water and more micronutrients

  4. Walk and swim in the water.

    The sea awakens the metabolism, and if the sea can’t, swim in the pool. Swimming, walks in the water, walks on the shoreline, pedal boats or canoes. The “soaking” activities are many and allow you to burn many calories. Take advantage of the August sea to burn more.

  5. Yes to grilling, simple cooking, lean proteins.

    Salads enriched with a little light mozzarella or natural tuna; carpaccio of fish, meat or bresaola; stir-fried shirataki with tofu and zucchini; baked vegetables with spices and aromatic herbs or in pinzimonio, raw; grilled meat or fish; fruit and yogurt mousse, fruit sorbets (freeze the fruit and go to the blender), vegetables stuffed with lean ricotta. There are lots of lean and quick dishes that you can make in the summer. And they are simple to do. Here are some of them.

  6. Stretch.

    If you feel sluggish and unmotivated to exercise in August, stretch. Five minutes of stretching a day awaken the metabolism, make movements more fluid, counteract the stagnation of liquids and reduce stress.

  7. Walk after dinner.

    August is the perfect month to forget about the car and take a walk after dinner. Not only do you reduce stress and improve the quality and quantity of sleep hours, but walking is a real pro-metabolic workout, which helps us keep blood sugar low. Alone or in company, walking in the summer is a must.

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