Intestinal infections, natural remedies

Intestinal infections, natural remedies

Intestinal infections can be of various kinds, often caused by bacteria, which cause unwell conditions. Alongside pharmacological treatments, there are very effective natural remedies.

Intestinal infections, natural remedies

Our intestine is a forge of many presences of a good nature but also of a pathogenic nature. Viruses, bacteria and parasites coexist in a heterogeneous environment where digestion catabolites, waste elements, acidic liquid substances, starches, sugars, proteins, mineral salts, many transformed substances arrive.

If our body is in good health, our immune system is generally able to counteract pathogens that are dangerous for our well-being, but sometimes we find ourselves in a debilitated condition and some forms of infections that colonize our intestine prevail.

Symptoms of intestinal infections

>  Swollen belly : often forms of meteorism due to fermentation are an alarm bell;

>  Belly pain : spasms, pains from irritation and inflammation such as some forms of colitis ;

>  Headache: often when the intestine is out of balance and the bacterial flora is depleted it leads to migraines;

>  Fatigue : incorrect intestinal function weakens the body and causes fatigue;

>  Loss of appetite : the feeling of swelling and spasm often take away the desire to eat;

>  Diarrhea : loose stools, bacterial presence, overactive peristalsis are symptoms of infection.

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Causes of intestinal infections

The bacteria that live in our intestines can be very insidious . Some who come from outside are particularly responsive. The most common are Candida , Escherichia Coli , Salmonella , Shigella and Giardia . It is important that an accurate diagnosis is made by a specialist in order to provide the most appropriate treatment.

Often antibiotics are prescribed which, on the one hand, eradicate the bacteria, on the other hand, further impoverish the good intestinal flora. It is therefore important to identify the cause of the problem so as not to further worsen the condition with do-it-yourself remedies.

Natural remedies for intestinal infections

> The first help we can give to our intestines is a healthy diet , low in animal proteins from red meats, avoid sausages, fried foods, sugars, cheeses and dairy products in general, raw fish and canned foods. The range of food choices seems to be drastically reduced but in reality if we control our diet for a few days we will reap great benefits.

White rice, raw vegetables rich in carotenoids such as carrots, fennel, white meats, fruits such as bananas and apples, condiments based on a little oil and lemon instead of vinegar will favor a more friendly intestinal environment. Regarding the use of fibers depends on the person and the type of infection, so the doctor will provide the right advice.

>  Prebiotics and Probiotics : we can take them in the form of supplements to assist with any antibiotic treatment. They help strengthen the immune system, enrich the bacterial flora to fight pathogens. Lactobacilli, FOS, bacillus coagulans spores, inulin, in short, on the market we can find supplements that meet all the needs and can develop up to 10 billion good bacteria.

Grapefruit Seed Extract : it is a very effective remedy against some forms of bacteria including helicobacter pylori. We can take grapefruit seed extract both in dry extract and in hydroalcoholic solution: it fights infections and its beneficial effects affect the entire gastro-intestinal system.

Aloe Vera: aloe vera from foliar gel is a soothing, moisturizing, anti-inflammatory remedy that helps the intestine to detoxify and cool down. Rich in mucilage, it hydrates and protects the intestinal villi, promotes peristalsis and softens the stoo

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