Interview with Edu: Trainer of FAST La Latina

Interview with Edu: Trainer of FAST La Latina 


Edu is an earthquake coach, always with a smile. He welcomes us in the center of La Latina with a lot of energy. That is transmitted, so when you leave training with him it is as if they had charged your batteries to one hundred percent.

How did you get into the FAST family?

Through a boy she knew, who in turn knew a FAST franchisee, Ángel, from Fernán González. The system caught my attention and I went there to test it. I loved it and I told myself that I had to go to work anyway. So I started everything. At first it was difficult for them to call me, because there was a lot of demand. But in the end, being a little heavy, contacting me through the website a thousand times, in the end they called me. They interviewed me first. Then I went to a presentation made by Manu (one of the top managers of FAST) and there I already fell in love with the method, because he is “a machine”.

What do you like the most about being part of the FAST coaches?

This is something I always say, because I really like the support they give you in FAST. It is wonderful. If you have any questions, for example when a client comes with a rare disease, one of those that you have heard at most a couple of times, you make the consultation to the Medical Area and in a couple of days they will tell you if that person can train with us explaining to you the why. Besides that this support makes us work with great tranquility, the client also appreciates it. I think that is where the difference is made.

Do you do anything else besides FAST?

Much more [laughs]. Right now I am a Pilates instructor, I also take a children’s team and I referee soccer games on weekends.

What has been your academic journey to be a qualified professional coach?

I did a Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity and Sports. But I have always continued to train, the latest has been the Pilates course. I always try to recycle. Thanks to FAST I have also taken several training courses in electrostimulation, and this is another point in favor of the franchise.

What challenge do you face as a coach today?

Well, it depends on how you approach it. I understand that the challenge for all FAST coaches is to keep the schedule as full as possible [smiles]. But then on a more personal level the great challenge is to make people progress, achieve their goals. It’s great when they tell you “that annoyance I had has disappeared”, “the knee since I started training a long time ago that no longer hurts”.

What are the past challenges with your clients that have turned into great achievements?

What fulfills me the most are goals, especially health: people who come with problems that limit their daily life and progress little by little with training. In that sense it is wonderful. Some time ago I had a girl who the first day she arrived, the day of the test, she bent down to tie her shoelaces and we had to help her up. After three weeks, doing two sessions a week, she managed to bend down to tie her shoelaces on her own. At first, with the mobility problems that I had, I thought I was not going to be able to, and when I saw that I did, I was amazed.

What do you like the most about EMS?

I really like the system. But it depends on the point of view from which you see it, as a coach or as a user. From the coach’s point of view I really like that, thanks to the internal training of FAST, I can manage the loads in a very precise way to achieve big goals. As a user, I feel more precision when I use electrostimulation, since when I go to the gym, the difference in perception of effort between one weight or another can be large, however with this system I can adjust it more.

Who would you recommend the FAST method to?

In principle I would recommend it to everyone. I see it super useful for the sedentary population, because they have personalized attention, they have someone who is motivating them. In addition, for the recovery of injuries it is brutal, impressive, since we can do training without impact, we train strength without taking additional weight, the joints do not suffer …

Edu, is there anything else you want to tell us?

I would like to express my appreciation. I have been working for a year or so, and a little more since I did the training and for me it is wonderful, I am delighted.

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