Infertility: a help from acupuncture

Infertility: a help from acupuncture

The pharmacological market oriented towards infertility problems is flourishing to say the least. About 80% of Internet spam promises solving sexual problems with dubiously effective miracle pills. Acupuncture, on the other hand, still retains some points in favor.
How Acupuncture Can Solve Fertility Problems

Infertility: a help from acupuncture

Coping with infertility

For more than twenty years now, the West has been interested in the treatment of infertility and especially erectile dysfunction , an aspect that cannot ignore the rise in the consumption of drugs aimed at solving this disorder.

A product such as the ‘ performance tablet ‘ is widely spread among men of different ages and types, sold both through specialist prescriptions and through online commerce. Many pharmaceutical companies have invested in this type of product. 

It is still difficult today to calculate a series of variables such as, for example, the real extent of the diffusion of this pill and the volume of business of real pharmaceutical companies and self-styled ones (Asian pharmaceutical counterfeiting). Just think of the amount of spam present on the internet.

A study reports that around 80% of the world’s spam is aimed at solving sexual problems through drug solutions of dubious origin. This aspect can be summarized by arguing that currently the market is no longer oriented towards the resolution of impotence (or a concrete sexual disorder) but rather towards the doping of sexual performance , almost like, daring a comparison, the doping of sports performance. 


Several surveys have recorded that in many countries around the world this type of pill is given as a gift by doctors to customers. Many curious people use the drug although they do not have erectile disorders.

The pharmaceutical industries are transforming this drug into a technical aid for humans , hoping that he can become psychologically dependent on it . A sort of therapeutic consumerism that aims at the fastest cure of a single disorder, bypassing the interest and analysis of the single individual.

It must be said that this pill is always a drug: it is a vasodilator with a selective effect on the genitals that can induce important systemic vascular consequences, as well as interact with other drugs and with drugs and alcohol. But how can acupuncture and infertility be reconciled?


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Acupuncture and infertility

There are alternative systems . Recently, the use of ultrasounds with demonstrable effects is being studied and great help can be received from psychological support.

The use of traditional Chinese medicine and the holistic approach is achieving great success. The most effective results are achieved thanks to the treatment of infertility with acupuncture.

The holistic approach analyzes the real causes that determine infertility and solves the root problem, while the traditional method does not look at the real causes of infertility and does not solve them, additionally causing unwanted side effects. Let’s consider the acupuncture treatment of infertility.  

This therapy is suggested when other types of infertility therapies do not give effective results. Auricular acupuncture , in cases of female infertility , is effective when a problem of malfunction of the ovaries is evident .

A study conducted in this area reports that women who suffered from infertility, after acupuncture treatment practiced 30 times in 3 months, showed excellent results, while women who had undergone hormone therapy experienced numerous side effects.


And in man? Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in general have been used for millennia to reinvigorate sexual potency and inhibit performance anxiety , considering the pleasure itself and trying to lengthen performance times.

Substances with a tonic effect on yang or stabilizing yin are used ; action is taken on the imbalances between dry-humid and hot-cold, on the correct circulation of vital energy (in the lower part of the body) as well as on the liver and heart, organs considered to be in close relationship with emotions. 

Auriculotherapy acts on different acupuncture points also called “viagra points” , which have the ability to circulate greater quantities of blood and energy in the external genitals.

These particular points are present both on the auricle and on specific points of the body having anatomical correspondences with the genitals. A strong stimulation of these points is implemented through the use of filiform needles kept in situ for 10-15 minutes. 3-5 points are selected for each treatment. You can also use “home” needles or patches containing Vaccaria seed.  

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